Carlos Condit vs Tatsunori Tanaka 2006 10 25

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8 Responses to “Carlos Condit vs Tatsunori Tanaka 2006 10 25”

  1. Glorified Truth Says:

    WTF? Condit had a foot and a half on Tanaka.

  2. Portlaoise50 Says:

    Carlos is such a Stud Bull. Important to start these guys young as in
    Russia so they loose all insight into fear or restraint .

  3. OneLastHonour Says:


  4. draco anderson Says:


  5. Bjpwz1 Says:

    CARLOSSSU CONDITOOOO i think bruse buffer met his match

  6. Michael Carroll Says:


  7. yellopanda Says:

    GOOD GOD. I wonder how the GSP fight would have turned out with soccer
    kicks/stomps allowed.

  8. Moreththerogue Says:

    Condit’s reach and aggressiveness really won this fight. Good job by both.

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