Carlos Condit

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  1. JuKa3177 Says:

    Ye i know I was on the edge of my seat when he rock gsp in the 3rd, I really thought he was gunna get him, that would have made my dey if gsp lost his title

  2. Maho2109 Says:

    Well he was really close in the 3rd :s

  3. Reignman007 Says:

    There is always a poor japanese guy getting stomped in the head in every highlight video

  4. refuseit Says:

    lol u mad

  5. Frank Doberman Says:

    Conduit interim running champion,yes conduit ends almost all his fight , but what happen with diaz? the way he fought diaz i thought it was conduit first fight, but we wont get a rematch so , all we can do is hope GSP humps him for 5 rounds

  6. 121jiggawattz Says:

    amen brother

  7. normalpsychology Says:

    For all the idiots: Condit did not finish Diaz. Diaz did not finish Condit. It was a fucking DRAW, bitches. Diaz is awesome and if you think Condit sucks, go back and watch Condit-MacDonald and tell me he doesn’t know how to throw down.

  8. JuKa3177 Says:

    Carlos Condit via 2nd TKO

  9. PataGONlA1881 Says:

    ” Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann Coming Up 2012 ”
    (28:58 min – new video !!)

  10. Og3990 Says:

    gsp 5th round sub

  11. JuKa3177 Says:

    im not usualy into this music but it fit the highlight reel very well good job

  12. MegaPussyfarts Says:


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