Carlos Condit Episode 3 “Sick days”

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11 Responses to “Carlos Condit Episode 3 “Sick days””

  1. Troy Stewart Says:

    cool dog

  2. Fight Gym II Says:

    @dannnnny86 Yeah that was some crouching tiger stuff right there.

  3. b sut Says:

    @mmaprowatch are use making more? cause ive watched every single one like
    5times over ;D & i wanna see more!?

  4. dannnnny86 Says:

    you know what made me sick? his flying knee to the face.

  5. letsgodudes Says:

    condits the fkin man

  6. daniksexy1 Says:

    the guy was right about being sick until u experience urself, i know cause
    i had neck infection few days ago and u literally feel like u gonna die,
    not fun times

  7. SnaporSleep Says:

    Its in the work’s!!! Carlos Condit vs. Bj Penn.

  8. Carlo G Says:

    Great job by Carlos and the whole Jackson’s camp. This really shows you
    what fighters are made of. I am really impressed that Carlos fought through
    being sick and went on to have one of his best performances yet. I am so
    impressed with Condit from his fighting style to the way he carries
    himself. I just started training MMA and I hope to fight like Carlos Condit
    someday and train at Greg Jackson’s camp.

  9. Edward Kania Says:

    Melvin doesn’t look like the best pad holder.

  10. Fight Gym II Says:

    @emericaordie15 Dang that was fast – we just loaded it up. Have you seen
    our other episodes?

  11. nachoman083 Says:

    haha greg jackson best guy ever ‘

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