Carlos Condit on UFC 158 Opponent Change

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25 Responses to “Carlos Condit on UFC 158 Opponent Change”

  1. Tracy Lee Says:

    Here’s a video interview I did with Carlos Condit last week. Damn, the sun
    was in my eyes! This was done at the Neon Sign Graveyard in Las Vegas´╗┐

  2. SuperJay916 Says:

    That fkin suck I wanted to see that fight so bad !

  3. raul91rg Says:

    Nah i think hendrixs has had lucky shots he dosent konvince me condit will

  4. VicMackeyful Says:

    rorys a pussy.. fuck hendricks up carlos!

  5. Rhys Pect Says:

    now we got to see Condit’s new and improved running skills.

  6. JamezJitsu Says:

    bad matchup for big rig hes gonna get smashed

  7. phantom5691 Says:

    i look forward to Condit taking this one

  8. e rey Says:

    i dont think so. hes elusive and very tall compared to hendricks. easier to
    manuveur away from his strikes.

  9. sketch519 Says:

    I think it’s going to be a dog fight if Hendricks doesn’t get the KO in
    early, but if Greg Jackson is cornering Condit, he’s going to throw feints
    like he usually does. I was looking forward for Carlos’s 2nd W over Rory,
    but this is a BIG FIGHT as well..2 top contenders in the WW Division. I
    personally thought Carlos Condit did more damage in the fight against GSP,
    look at the before and after pictures @UFC154, Condit got a cut over his
    eye, GSP looked like he got jumped after school,nooffense.

  10. Bigjimandthetwins32 Says:

    @joey johnson that’s a big shout, gonna be a good fight though

  11. liquidrawhide Says:

    Must be something spectacular happening off-camera based on where Tracy’s
    looking half the time Carlos is talking.

  12. sprinter223 Says:

    Im just going to put it out there and say this girl is fit. Also i hope
    Condit wins, he’s a beast.

  13. Pang Vang Says:

    Uhhhh idk Johnny is cray cray

  14. kurtalzaga Says:

    should be epic

  15. joey johnson Says:

    condits gonna get KO’D

  16. johnnyrainbow50 Says:

    ssss uhhh lol

  17. Justin Dalton Says:

    I love Hendricks, but I believe Condit will win by head kick knockout,

  18. Aggelos Sarantopoulos Says:

    condit is gonna break him down, considering he avoids the haymakers.
    submission on 2nd imo for condit

  19. johnnyrainbow50 Says:

    sssss uhhhh lmao, every question

  20. Zachary Hlavinka Says:

    yep, hendricks is on his way to a title shot

  21. javymont tijo Says:

    Some people live under rocks. My friends and I think Tracy is one of a kind
    and love watching her latest interviews. Whats up Tracy Lee!

  22. JwVanC Says:

    Hendricks gunna get KOed

  23. strukt87 Says:

    there are a heap of new ufc fans because its the cool thing right now.

  24. MmaSmarty87 Says:

    they picked a random pretty girl off the street, gave her a mic, made her
    memorize each question lol

  25. harrington cody Says:

    Condit wins TKO

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