Carlos Condit Tribute

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29 Responses to “Carlos Condit Tribute”

  1. DGRlubz Says:

    @OCPARKWAY as much as i want condit to fight GSP, because i wanna see condit fight the best and get the respect, im not sure how thats gonna work seeing that condit just started training with greg jackson.. anyways its nick diaz next for gsp

  2. DGRlubz Says:


  3. KlanMan800 Says:


  4. wayneisagook Says:

    @KlanMan800 you dont give rematches when one guy gets ktfo

  5. OCPARKWAY Says:

    Thats the thing…I dont think he would be able to Lay and Pray on Silva for 5 rds..Do you really want to see Fitch’s face get smashed in again by GSP? Condit GSp could be interesting assuming that ever happens) COndit might be fighting Penn as well in the future. GSP said he has a lot to lose by Fighting Silva but what if he wins? He becomes one the the greatest legends of the sport if he beats Silva! Even now GSP is still a legend but if he won wow..

  6. mastrlegacy Says:

    @OCPARKWAY He is exactly right. He does have a lot to lose. GSP could beat silva if he laid on him 5 rounds. Everyone knows Silva would destroy him standing. I would rather see Jon Jones fight Anderson Silva. Let GSP fight Fitch again and Condit and if he does go to 185 let him have a warm up fight with Belfort to see if he can hang.

  7. OCPARKWAY Says:

    @mastrlegacy A Catchweight could happen but I doubt it..I dont think GSP wants to move up and fight Silva although it makes sense because who else is GSp supposed to fight at WW? Im pretty confident Silva would beat GSP and recently I heard on ESPN GSP say that he has alot to lose by moving up in weight?
    So GSP does not seem eager to move up and so he will prob stay at WW

  8. KlanMan800 Says:

    @BHanson41z Of course not, That would just be stupid of me, as an MMA fan I know that with those two fighters and at the level they are on ANYthingcould happen!! imo Bj via submission 3rd round!! but who knows Condit could ko him a minute into the fight..

  9. BHanson41z Says:

    @KlanMan800 Good jitz, good striking, decent wrestling, and a KILLER instinct. Not to mention the size difference, you say there’s no chance?

  10. mastrlegacy Says:

    @OCPARKWAY They said that it could be a catch weight or maybe even Silva would move down. I don’t know. This fight may never even happen. I want to see Condit vs Penn.

  11. OCPARKWAY Says:

    @mastrlegacy How would it be at 170? I dont see Silva going down to 170..not happening

  12. KlanMan800 Says:

    Hardy dont want a rematch

  13. KlanMan800 Says:

    @BHanson41z nope

  14. BHanson41z Says:

    He might fuck BJ up

  15. mastrlegacy Says:

    @thekool713 If Silva-GSP is at MW Silva wins if it’s at 170 GSP will win.

  16. thekool713 Says:

    Sorry for the extra post!!! Lol

  17. thekool713 Says:

    @kino Idk my friend he’s good but Silvia will walk right through him he’s already having doubts about fighting Silvia if he beats shields

  18. thekool713 Says:

    @kino Idk my friend gsp’s good but Silvia will dominate him,he’s already have doubts about fighting him if he gets through shields

  19. Kino483 Says:

    @thekool713 nah GSP aint going no where he will dominate silva and condit

  20. thekool713 Says:

    Carlos is one of my favs and he’s got gsp’s number once he gets embarrassed by Silvia

  21. rodrigo1190 Says:

    thans bro

  22. AuronAN Says:

    @rodrigo1190 The Red by Chevelle

  23. rodrigo1190 Says:

    someone knows name that song

  24. trainwreck604 Says:

    wheres the Dan hardy KO

  25. amclartyfrancis2k9 Says:

    @emericajunkmunk3yz Just because you have power doesn’t mean you can beat GSP. Dan Hardy had power but didn’t beat him. Koscheck had power bhut coudlnt beat him and Thiago Alves has power and couldn’t beat him. I’m not underestimating Condit but GSP would outclass him in every single aspect of MMA. Also if GSP and Anderson win their next fights they will fight in 2011 at MW and Geirges said that if he wins he’ll stay at 185 so I doubt Condit will fight GSP anytime soon.

  26. Boxing Forum Says:

    Love MMA

  27. St Pierre George Says:

    St Pierre would win 🙂

  28. Overeem MMA Says:

    Overeem would do it too

  29. Dom Cruz MMA Says:

    This is awesome

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