Carlos Condit sets timeline for return

December 11th, 2014 by index

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC interim Welterweight champion Carlos Condit has been on the treatment table ever since he tore an ACL and a meniscus in a losing cause against the hard hitting Tyron Woodley at UFC 171 in March this year.

Having been passed fit enough to do light training, Condit has already hit the gym and is looking for a return to action as early as March or April next year.

Condit said that he has been given permission by his medical team to return t the gym and start doing some very light sparring and training. He added that, however, does not entail he will be as explosive in training as he is in matches and he has also been asked not to do anything quickly.

The former interim title holder, who lost the belt in a title unification bout against Georges St. Pierre, said that he can run a little, hit the mitts and do a lot of other basic things. But Carlos Condit admitted that it is still too early to go all out on anything as well.

The Natural Born Killer said that he can do jiu-jitsu from the ground, but he has to be careful about going for explosive takedown manoeuvres and things like that which can blow his knee out again.

Although he doesn’t have any opponent in mind for his return to action, but if things go according to plan and he doesn’t suffer any relapse of the injury, he has a tentative timeline on his mind for his return to the cage.

Carlos Condit said that at the moment, he is looking forward to getting back into the cage as early as his knee permits him to and is hoping for a spring return in March or April.

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Haye Has More Than A Rumour To Face

October 17th, 2014 by Liam

There are rumours spreading all around that David Haye has had a split from his manager Adam Booth and is about to hire Al Haymon a person with much more control in the world of boxing as his adviser.

The last fight that Haye has faced was with Derek Chisora in July 2012 when he defeated him. Haye was scheduled two dates to face Tyson Fury but he had to cancel both of them because of the shoulder injury that he had sustained. Many thought that Haye might have to retire but that is not going to happen. Haye confirmed this by saying that he has never given a statement saying that he is retiring but it is true that the doctors asked him to retire due to the injury.

Haye said that since he has already gone through the process of rehabilitation, he feels satisfied and he is able to do everything just as before. He also cleared the air that no one has been signed with in regards to the position of a manager, trainer, advisor or promoter. According to him he is still deciding a lot of things and he is not totally sure of what he will be doing and so is not ready to make a statement now. The next two to three weeks could have some big announcements from him as a lot of things are going on in the background which will have a positive impact on him and the rest of his fans. The changes that are to come will help him attain his goal of being the champion.

David confirmed that all the discussions that are going on have not been announced officially but will soon be open to the public when he comes to terms with his needs and wants. The official announcements will be coming in a few weeks or in November.

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Kenny Florian looking forward to more success

September 29th, 2014 by Liam

Kenny Florian is a legend in his own right in the lightweight category of MMA. The Peruvian-American star was a part of the original cast of The Ultimate Fighter. He showed some great skills leading into the final but was unfortunately defeated by Diego Sanchez. The greatest strength of the fighter is his combined knowledge of Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. He is considered a veteran and has fought in four different categories throughout his career. These include middleweight, lightweight, welterweight and featherweight. Although he has never succeeded in winning the UFC championship over a span of many years of his career yet Kenny Florian is considered as a legend of the sport. He has received huge accolades from his colleagues and fans alike. The people enjoy seeing the man in action with his razor sharp elbows, great penetration abilities and some fast movements. He carved out a niche for himself. Although he did not achieve any gold in his career yet he got engaged to one of the most beautiful models presently, Clark Gilmer whom he was dating for quite some time now.

Kenny Florian is a graduate from Boston College and earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu. Over the years he got about three to four opportunities at the title but faltered in the final round. He retired from professional fighting recently only to become a TV presenter and analyst with the channels broadcasting the UFC show. He has been well accepted by the spectators and his experience in the game is coming in handy for his present career. However the fans of MMA still remember him as the great fighter he has been with the signature submission move called rear-naked choke. The aggressive fighter is one of his kinds and his contribution to the sport has been inspiring to say the least.

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