Anthony Pettis & Carlos Condit Highlight (2013)

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13 Responses to “Anthony Pettis & Carlos Condit Highlight (2013)”

  1. Demetreus Walton Says:

    dope great work my two fav fighters keep it up man 

  2. mrdan24 Says:

    This is a really cool video. Thanks Kevo!! Awesome. This two are WARRIORS!

  3. mohammad haq Says:

    its just beautiful watching these two fight! both have an amazing attitude,
    they never make excuses and their fights are soo fun to watch.

  4. miguelaodelao Says:

    Sick vid! WAR CONDIT

  5. werdum9405 Says:


  6. THEkingnut14 Says:

    What’s the name of this song

  7. Erik Nilsson Says:

    Hahaha never thought I would follow someones comment, worth it though

  8. kevo1295 Says:

    You know it. I’m surprised there aren’t more Pettis/Condit highlights tbh.

  9. Baruch Samuel Says:

    my two fav fighters it so amazing to see just see other people with good

  10. LukeEdPK Says:

    Sick man, love it!

  11. kevo1295 Says:

    Thanks for the feedback man. Song is “Sail” by Awolnation.

  12. Jose Rivera Says:

    What’s the song? Great vid

  13. Jon Ward Says:


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