Breakdown with Bas, Condit vs Penn, Ludwig vs Sadollah

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20 Responses to “Breakdown with Bas, Condit vs Penn, Ludwig vs Sadollah”

  1. PKKN808 Says:

    Carlos is really good on the ground and has good striking but I think Bj will beat him in the standup. I see Carlos taking a big right hand than Bj swarming him. First round TKO or sub in the second round. Anything can happen but I don’t see Carlos finishing Bj. 2 ways Carlos can win. 1 if Bj gas out and 2 by UD/SD.

  2. ScentlisApprentice Says:

    @q8ps Please argue with that. I would love to hear your opinion, because from your intelligent response you must know tons about mixed martial arts. Idiot.

  3. ScentlisApprentice Says:

    @rodz6969 I agree on that but I also think Franky’s style of just being super fast and setting that crazy pace is taylor made to beat Penn’s style. Condit doesn’t necessarily set the same kind of pace, he moves forward and bangs. I just see Penn being able to capitalize on that. I also think that Penn can get Condit to the mat if he needs too, and if that happens Penn is gonna secure that RNC and its gonna be over.

  4. rodz6969 Says:

    @ScentlisApprentice I would agree but Franky beat him in the stand up battle too…

  5. dmlisa1987 Says:

    Lame ass shit they both did the exact same thing

  6. shoveah1 Says:

    @B2spirita ha I wasted a minute of your life

  7. b2spirita Says:

    @shoveah1 nope.

  8. shoveah1 Says:

    Carlos is injured

  9. burntsouljah Says:

    @ScentlisApprentice i agree, kenny florian for example

  10. dsettleascii Says:

    i think condit can beat penn

  11. brknspacebar Says:

    I cant see BJ going for the takedown at all.

  12. undisputedgreatest Says:

    BJ is a nightmare opponent for everyone. No one beats him easily, and anyone that even competes with him is a beast.

    With that being said, Condit is a monster and a champion. He is ruthless. He has won what? One decision? Florian would be proud, because Condit is a finisher.

    That fight is going to be fantastic.

  13. q8ps Says:

    @ScentlisApprentice my ass

  14. XxOjOjXx Says:

    condit by UD

  15. superfightstv Says:

    the only way penn gets a sub is by rnc. no way he’s gonna invest in attempting an armbar or triangle. i think condit will win by UD.

  16. ScentlisApprentice Says:

    Condit lets his opponents get on the inside and thats where BJ really dominates people with his crisp boxing. Styles make fights and I think this is a good match up for BJ. Also if you look at his past fights the only fighters who have given BJ problems are dominate wrestlers.

  17. ScentlisApprentice Says:

    BJ will win, either a KO or a sub.

  18. fightingfan21 Says:

    BJ by sub. Carlos will probably hurt him and get too reckless and get caught.

  19. jpfvorhees Says:

    @Crazytony9211 He will

  20. Crazytony9211 Says:

    Condit will win hopefully

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