Carlos Condit admits he ran against Nick Diaz

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24 Responses to “Carlos Condit admits he ran against Nick Diaz”

  1. Phatkev04 Says:

    @44dogma haha technique my ass….we all know u.and.ur bitch daddy get punked

  2. HellspawnICX Says:

    It takes a world class athlete to get suspended AFTER quitting the sport. I don’t care what you all say, Diaz is the only fighter in history to pull this off, and I’ll always remember him for it.

  3. YoutubSUCKZ Says:

    condit is a coward

  4. dontkilltomebro333 Says:

    this video had me in stitches..whos saying they run everywhere at the start ? lol

  5. MalkinTheking Says:


  6. mandomandorukot Says:

    its true. carlos didnt fight nick toe to toe as he always does.but their fight doesnt prove that nick is a better fighter nor the best that can be the ufc champ

  7. chrismudo446 Says:

    What a clown…Lmao

  8. samjs721 Says:


  9. pukkode1 Says:

    This is good dude!

  10. BarbadosDaLuta Says:

    Muhammad Ali finished his opponent, Muhammad Ali actually wore the other guy down, Carlos didn’t wear anyon down. Nick was ready to keep going.

  11. BarbadosDaLuta Says:

    technique or using the judges to win? Because if we’re talking REAL MARTIAL ARTS which soul purpose is to defeat your opponent as fast and efficiently possible, then we can pretty much agree that in the real sense of Martial Arts, not UFC sport judges, that Nick Diaz won.

  12. wardiazful Says:

    Fuck your gameplan. If you did this in pride you’ll be one motherfucker. 1st judging rule of pride. Damage done to opponent and amount of effort to KO/SUB the opponent. You’re just fucking lucky Nick chased you. Imagine what would happen if Nick had the same fucking ”gameplan”. I guess you’ll be the remake of Cro Crop vs Mir. Waiting…waiting..waiting to for each other to punch then counter. Yeah fuck you carlos.

  13. ViaticMindz Says:

    LOl good idea great vid.

  14. JonCollins008 Says:

    ya they need to make judges watch the screens rather than watching cage side

  15. TheTriangularSquare Says:

    so true brother…

  16. niksta1 Says:

    I laughed from the start tot he end of this video lmao, I read somewhere Condit was thinking of remaking Schwarzeneggers ‘The running man’

  17. mangr12 Says:

    oh my god…and GSP vs Condit? imagine that: GSP jabbing, not risking being the boring fighter he is (or became after losing to Serra) and Condit running and kind of kicking and throwing spinning shit to stay away…yaaawn

  18. wigler420 Says:

    3 months and i still feel fucking robbed by carlos of those 60 bucks and what should have been a legendary fight

  19. koko1914 Says:

    he won the title by avoiding the fight. now he wont even defend it, although the top of the division is clogged with guys that have called him out on numerous occasions, like johnie hendricks and jake ellenberger. now thats a true champion!

  20. 311stoneybaby311 Says:

    00:35 Carlos looks so motivated!! Ruuuuun, Carlos, ruuuuuun.

  21. BeachKlas Says:

    LOL! 😀

  22. kvnroy9 Says:


  23. dgd1ego Says:

    you run in the octagon mutherfuker

  24. overgrow00 Says:

    hardly an ass kicking? he was TAPPED. hahahaha

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