Carlos Condit believes Johny Hendricks is a bigger fight than Rory MacDonald

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25 Responses to “Carlos Condit believes Johny Hendricks is a bigger fight than Rory MacDonald”

  1. Harley Quintero Says:

    That’s good to hear, i am a Thai Boxer myself but MMA is my love now lol. yeah you got it dude just inbox me on the day right when the main card starts and ill shoot the link.

  2. NinjaKiller999 Says:

    thanks that’s probably because I’ve been training in MMA for a year and i’m not like most keyboard warriors on here, yeah a link to the stream would be great

  3. Harley Quintero Says:

    Thank you and i am humbled by the fact that you did not react the way i expected. i thought you where going to start calling me names and all that typical stuff but you are a bigger man than that and i respect you dude. let me know if you need a link to a live stream for the fight. TTYL bro.

  4. NinjaKiller999 Says:

    hey you’re right! i forgot how if rory won the fight he would have had to fight GSP, its too big of a coincidence that he got injured after dana said the winner might get a title shot, i hope diaz submits george

  5. hoshiyk Says:

    Carlos “cranky pants” Condit.

  6. bayburtg Says:

    Carlos Condit is such a good guy

  7. Harley Quintero Says:

    I know emotionless psychos in real life and they don’t act like that. that cry baby was very emotional after the BJ fight otherwise he wouldn’t have called out Condit like that. his camp later felt it would not be good for him to fight Condit yet so they fake an injury. tri star makes very long term game plans for there fighters to get the best hand picked fights and to make sure they don’t have to fight each other. if Rory and GaySP won they would have to fight each other.

  8. NinjaKiller999 Says:

    I would say he acts more like an emotionless psycho than a baby lol

  9. TheVJProduction Says:

    any fight is better than rory cause if your opponent is fighting towards getting a title shot then theres no gain in beating someone and putting them back in the under card.

  10. Gabby Cliffington Says:

    So handsome. :*

  11. Wade Hamilton Says:

    Condit is awesome!

  12. ThaiPugnus Says:

    That’s not a belief it’s a fact.

  13. Harley Quintero Says:

    you are a fucking dumb ass. i never said i didn’t like his fight. he fights well but outside the ring he acts like little bitch about every little thing. just like you i bet. move on or get trolled all day bitch.

  14. Richard Jones Says:

    a little baby? are you retarded? have you missed his recent fights, he is working towards the terminator nick name

  15. seung breivik Says:

    even though he beat condits ass for 3 straight rounds? hes way bigger than this lil sideshow condit and u know it

  16. Harley Quintero Says:

    lol Rory is a little baby and pulls out for every fight. I’m glad there is a better opponent for Condit.

  17. Harley Quintero Says:

    that’s what he gets for running from Diaz. i bet he will never do that again and for sure will go back to his ways for this one

  18. TheDonkeyFLOPPER Says:

    I think it’s crazy how everyone forgot how dangerous Condit is. Before his Diaz fight he was finishing his opponents in spectacular fashion. This fight has fight of the night written all over it!

  19. DrinkYourSoup Says:

    If you like condits style I think you should be watching the 100m dash and not mma.

  20. mmadrunkie Says:

    Damn how bad is it when everyone knows u for decision wins only.. Lol

  21. Skip2MyLou619 Says:

    from heel to face in montreal

  22. Rencity01 Says:

    I want Condit to win just so I can taste the tears that come off Hendricks bitching face

  23. PathFinder1490 Says:

    Maaaan this is gonna be hard! I like both their styles:/
    So instead of struggling who to root for, I’ll just enjoy the fights x)

  24. Flynn Shady Says:

    I have been saying the exact same thing

  25. SuperIainG Says:

    Unified MMA rules do not state walking forward is winning a fight, Condit clearly won all rounds (as the official records show) with EFFECTIVE STRIKING, landing more than Diaz and causing more damage, get over it. I’m not a Condit fan before you ask

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