Carlos Condit Blows Up Rory MacDonald at UFC 115 — Canadian Fans Crushed!

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26 Responses to “Carlos Condit Blows Up Rory MacDonald at UFC 115 — Canadian Fans Crushed!”

  1. SuperBjjgirl Says:

    that girl looks like a lion lol.. why is she in this video? just makes the video even worst then it already is… RORY MACDONALD. Canada is one of the best countries. why are you at war and we arent ? lol EXACTLY

  2. hav9k Says:

    lol you have to use non-American fighters to lower GSP. Quite sad. Also, the Canadian fans got riled up in the moment, just like any normal fan would who want to see their homeboy win. It’s natural.

  3. TheeKimchi Says:


  4. Mazao92 Says:

    Rory is not weak!! I would like to see you get in the ring with him, he would handle put you in you’re place! Youre such an idiot. You say that you do not want to talk about the fight and that is all you talk about. I’m an American and Rory is an awesome fighter, much better than Condit!!!!!

  5. kimboat11 Says:

    STEP 1: press mute
    STEP 2: cover the left side of your screen.

  6. michaelcrumly Says:

    fkn loser

  7. michaelcrumly Says:

    weak ? rory would kick your ass you fkn moron cnm ? does that stand for can’t shut mouth ? loser

  8. MurrayD861 Says:

    The blonde has some nice legs.. Jebus!

  9. JenStarMaker Says:

    you’re an idiot bro… thanks for your viewpoint though

  10. rideorcrawl Says:

    As an American I can say… I would love to hear you tell any UFC fighter to their face that they are weak or are a punk or a wuss… lol Just gonna toss that out there.

  11. dannnnny86 Says:

    Why is this guy yelling? He seems a little brain dead.

  12. Blazinphillys Says:

    F*ck this guy, hes a piece, straight up, i went to highschool with rory and hes f*ckin dope. Im canadian and i take offense to this f*ckin guy! News flash there buds, YOUR F*CKIN AMERICAN, YOUR COUNTRY IS FUCKED TRAIGHT UP THE ASS

  13. burtonsnow012 Says:

    @bdotsoul haha true that when have the UK or Canadian fans ever started cheering ENGLAND or CANADA like the americans do every time one of their fighters is fighting a foreigner its funny they ranted on about this for 10 mins.. oh well at least that chich was hot

  14. cleve101 Says:

    To Conservative, Would you have crazy super screaming support from your fans? or just regular supportive fans? which gives you more motivation.

  15. kelseychriswitt Says:

    that chick is like this dude is full of shit what was i thinkin haha id fuck her though

  16. kelseychriswitt Says:

    that chick is like this dude is full of shit what was i thinkin haha id fuck her though

  17. kelseychriswitt Says:

    that chick is like man this dude is full of shit what was i thinkin lol id fuck her haha

  18. bdotsoul Says:

    and its not like ppl were throwing drinks in the ring or at condit, they did nothing more then boo, cuz on a card in america the fans have never boo’d before of course, and you are the gsp of powerlifting? lol right, in the press conf dana white said the ufc was happy with the event, and want to come back

    i revert to the first thing i said, way to blow something way out of proportion

  19. bdotsoul Says:

    I live in Vancouver, and was watching the fight at a local bar, and was cheering for condit believe it or not, no one was makin fools of themselves, americans are 10x the homers in anything there is, raging usa chants break out at the most rediculous of times in all things, but i wasnt embarassed, that coulda been anyone fighting anyone, a stoppage with 10 seconds left of course ppl are gonna be sour, but its clear condit won the fight, look at their faces,

  20. ConservativeNewMedia Says:

    @kenandjasha Thanks Ken!

    Ha ha, yes I do Ken, yes I do 😉 and so is the CNM Army man!

  21. kenandjasha Says:

    I pretty much agree..

    and JV your a pimp and you know this!

  22. ConservativeNewMedia Says:

    @bdotsoul We called it straight. Canadian fans made FOOLS of themselves.

    Even Canadians on Sherdog said they were embarrassed!

  23. bdotsoul Says:

    way to blow something way out of proportion

  24. ufc players Says:

    UFC is the best sport literally ever!

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