Carlos Condit Causing Welterweight Headache

UFC president Dana White’s decision to allow interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit to wait for Georges St-Pierre to return from injury without fighting in the meantime is a strange one. Not only does it not demonstrate consistency (Rashad Evans took a similar stance a few years ago that had ramifications for the heavyweight), but it also causes a real problem for the division.

Condit has already agreed to fight Johnny Hendrix after St. Pierre, meaning that Hendrix himself will not be fighting anytime soon. This has caused a bottleneck, with some of the top contenders choosing not to fight, the talent below has been forced into a difficult situation. Case in point is Jesse Ellenberger, whose six-fight winning streak was put to an end by the tough Dane Martin Kampmann at the weekend.

Many may argue that Ellenberger was well on the way to a title fight had things at the top of the roster had not come to a grinding halt. Indeed, he could have avoided the Kampmann fight and waited it out like Condit and Hendrix. He deserves great respect for staying active, but the only thanks he gets for it is a loss to his name and a bump down the rankings.

In terms of Carlos Condit, it’s difficult to blame him for wanting to wait for St-Pierre. It will undoubtedly be the biggest fight of his career in terms of profile, and according to the latest odds he would have a great chance of beating him. Of course, such high profile fights also bring vast financial rewards which do not come around often in a short career. The UFC could have put pressure on Condit to defend his interim belt and keep the decision moving; instead they seem content with his decision. For that, the blame lies with the organisation.

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