Carlos Condit may have fought his last match as he is considering retirement from the UFC following his defeat to Robbie Lawler at the UFC 195.

The match between the duo was contested in a hard fought five round match with Carlos Condit performing below par despite out landing champion Robbie Lawler by a significant number of strikes.

Following the defeat, Condit said he left everything he had in the arena the night he fought Lawler and believes that’s enough to draw the curtain on his impressive career so far. This were his words after the defeat: “It’s not an emotional thing. I’m not dejected. I have to evaluate, but there’s a possibility that might be my last one. We’ll see,”

“I’ve been at this for a long time, over 40 professional MMA and kickboxing (fights). I came up short tonight”, he added.

Although he was the former interim welterweight champion, Condit has now seen two victories eluded him in last two title fights. If he had won both matches, he would have had the opportunity of securing the undisputed gold in the UFC. But after a hard-fought battle with Lawler where he threw more significant strikes than his opponent, is easy to see why Condit should be disappointed.

Although the fighter claims his comments about retirement were not borne out of emotions, many believe that it is the disappointment of losing that may have prompted the retirement talks. However, pundits have squashed the retirement claim by stating that Condit can still be persuaded to stay if he is offered a rematch with Lawler.

Nonetheless, if the fighter decides to stick to his guns and eventually quits the UFC, the division would always remember him as the fearless slayer of other champions. One thing fans would miss about him is his skill and never die attitude.


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