Carlos Condit Highlight

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28 Responses to “Carlos Condit Highlight”

  1. nestusalemn Says:

    i wanna see condit compete 4 the title so bad! if not him well i guess it’ll have to be kampmann. btw dan hardy sucks! he’s nothing but a lucky shot striker.

  2. Charlie007CV Says:

    That Hardy KO is one of my favorite KOs ever.

  3. Thiagosilva2487 Says:

    Man gotta love these fighters like condit who aren’t playing the “game” and are simply fighting to finish kid is ruthless in a good way. even tho he knocked out my boy Hardy hes still among my favorite… perfect nickname for him.
    The Natural Born Killer just fits.

  4. JonFishAgainstRiddum Says:

    @Cawrestlermoto101 but it’s very likely

  5. Cawrestlermoto101 Says:

    @JonFishAgainstRiddum you cant say that for sure

  6. vVIxViNTaGexIVv Says:

    condits a beast all his fights are so entertaining 🙂

  7. TreyMMA Says:


  8. JonFishAgainstRiddum Says:

    @zambidisvador in GSP’s corner for sure. Not only is he the champ, but they have trained together much longer than him and condit.

  9. zambidisvador Says:

    If he fights GSP i wonder who’s conner Greg Jackson would be in ???

  10. anarchy22x Says:

    Condit is awesome! Epic chin, knock out power, excellent submissions, great conditioning – next UFC champion

  11. MrJrock0907 Says:

    Condit overrated?wow dude you honestly have no idea who this guy is huh……I mean I like george but style was Condit is actually a bad match up for him a guy who doesnt mind getting taken down and who cant take a beating to give a beating……..and he’s a finisher…..I mean to call thi guy overrated when he did what anthony johnson and gsp couldnt…wow

  12. jewpowers Says:

    @ak24ek13 no ones comparing, just thinking of the matchup

  13. JonFishAgainstRiddum Says:

    @TreyMMA i agree with Alves/ Penn

  14. TreyMMA Says:

    @JonFishAgainstRiddum Penn was also injured , Condit is fighting Dong Hyun Kim and I love Condit but to say he has a chance against GSP is a huge overstatement there isn’t 1 place he isn’t even close to as good as Georges. I’d like to see Condit get through Kim then fight Alves ( if he gets through story ) or Koscheck. I really hope Alves gets Penn if he beats story though , best WW fight possible.

  15. HashSlasher706 Says:

    @ak24ek13 He just knocked out Hardy. Nuff said

  16. ak24ek13 Says:

    Lol comparing this guy to GSP.. in my eyes Condit is just overrated then..

  17. jewpowers Says:

    @BrewandBrock nicely put

  18. BrewandBrock Says:

    Carlos Condit maybe the closest challenge for GSP if Jake Sheilds doesnt shock the world on the 30th Yall be sleeping on Condit i,ve been following Condit ever since i 1st watched MMA he,s been one of my favorite top Welterweight fighters ever next to GSP, Koscheck, Alves, Davis, Hardy, Johnson, and Almeida. Yall better awaken and not forget about Condit he,s steadily rising to #1 Contender stautus i give him about 2 more fights and he,ll be challenging for the belt wether its Sheilds or GSP.

  19. JonFishAgainstRiddum Says:

    @JissenKenbuu and due to an injury fitch is out of the penn-fitch bout, i hearded condit might step in. would be gigantic….

  20. JissenKenbuu Says:

    Carlos condit is one fight from fighting GSP. Personally i think he has everything to beat GSP. Amazing Ground game. Submission skills, One hit knock out power against a guy that went 5 rounds with GSP. And he can take some bombs!

  21. JonFishAgainstRiddum Says:

    @venomous68 “This is War” – 30 seconds to mars

  22. venomous68 Says:

    whats the song title?

  23. venomous68 Says:

    wats the name of the song

  24. jewpowers Says:

    carlos condit is a g

  25. arikat1 Says:

    great fighter. good technique, bad intentions…

  26. fight club Says:

    Wanna see more of this!

  27. south fayette wrestling Says:

    Would love to see more

  28. NH MMA Says:

    This is one of my favourites 🙂

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