Carlos Condit Highlight

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28 Responses to “Carlos Condit Highlight”

  1. xXCUBEZEROXx Says:

    great song nothin like tool


    the music sounds like TOOL

  3. 1989muggleman Says:

    perfect song to compliment the natural born killer. i think he’d take it to nick diaz. and the more that fight went along it be better and better for condit. noons did a number on him and condit would prolly finish him.

  4. Octane64 Says:

    Carlos Condit should fight Nick and Nate Diaz back to back and kick their asses for double the embarrassment.

  5. thanos913 Says:

    great song. Condits a beast, his rory mcdonald fight is one of my favs. Hope he rolls over Kim and gets a title shot sometime.

  6. TreyMMA Says:

    @therealslimkilla DHK is the Korean Jon Fitch , even if he somehow beats Condit it will be a Via Wet Rug. Not getting beat up haha.

  7. PhillipSternitzke Says:

    3:35 I love how he’s stomping through the ropes

  8. therealslimkilla Says:

    It’s really gonna suck for him when he gets the shit beat out of him by Dong Hyun Kim

  9. z1en Says:

    whats the name of the song?

  10. MrBereal351 Says:

    god damn that song sux

  11. MrBereal351 Says:

    Damn that 1st guy was small as fuck

  12. oasisspirit Says:

    DHK, Dong Hyun Kim next?

  13. jameswestbiz1mil Says:

    @kurt23407, scoring a 21 second KO of Hughes and winning 2 out of 3 rounds against the 2nd best in the 170 weight class in his last two fights is hardly a downhill slope going nowhere. You must be a BJ hater. Thats ok, you are entitled to your own opinion no matter how incorrect it may be.

  14. kurt23407 Says:

    @jameswestbiz1mil at 170lbs thats a tough call.. im pulling for Condit. i mean cmon BJ is a downhill slope and going nowhere

  15. jameswestbiz1mil Says:

    I wanna see BJ murder this fairie!

  16. domandcaro Says:

    @evo123456789abcdefgh does he have a nice house?

  17. BHanson41z Says:

    WAR CONDIT, he’s fighting BJ instead of Fitch. Shit’s gonna be interesting

  18. evo123456789abcdefgh Says:

    @Gladpot361 this guy lives next to me

  19. evo123456789abcdefgh Says:

    this guy lives next to me in Albuquerque

  20. SpaceWars2025 Says:

    Condit is´╗┐ fearless. His strikes are accurate and he is fast. He loves to fight & you can see he HAS to win in his mind. I think he’d give GSP a run for his money.

  21. thekool713 Says:

    Condit for the title!!!!!!!!

  22. tuvaluboi Says:

    id like to see him fight jon fitch

  23. BareFistBrawler480AZ Says:

    1 of the most exciting fighter in the ufc …. cant wait 4 him 2 finally fight chris lytle

  24. YoungAssassin69 Says:

    Condit is killing it in the UFC now i think we could definately see him in a title fight soon if he keeps it up

  25. Gladpot361 Says:

    @CentroMierda he’s actually on GSP’s team

  26. Boxingforum Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  27. boxing academy Says:

    Now it all makes sense

  28. Free Bets Says:

    I think I am addicted to the UFC

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