Carlos Condit: I’m Excited To Step in the Enemy’s Backyard

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28 Responses to “Carlos Condit: I’m Excited To Step in the Enemy’s Backyard”

  1. inagod Says:

    Carlos has it all,great guy and very talented,best of luck Carlos.

  2. jakepinoywolrd85 Says:

    i like you dude…!

  3. crazycasy Says:

    carlos is just a cool dude!

  4. myopinonz Says:

    I saw Carlos the other Day at Ron Petersons Fire Arms, his leg was all jackd up.

  5. Kino483 Says:

    @petrolhead1845598 fuck you bitch ariel hawanni is the best ever

  6. OgBJJ Says:

    @auston215 and he might have done that lmao

  7. JBomber22 Says:

    @StarTrackTrooper why did you say gsp couldnt?? did he stand with hardy like condit did? nope, so why compare the fights…gsp was on the ground goin for submission attempts and had two nice ones that most ww’s would have tapped…condit’s ko was very nice…but for you to say gsp couldnt when he didnt even attempt to is just ridiculous…why not talk about anderson silva then too…damain maia got ko’d by nate marquart in 20 secs, while anderson couldnt do it on the feet for their whole fight

  8. StarTrackTrooper Says:

    @rockintheguitar Yeah bitch you have nothing to say

  9. rockintheguitar Says:

    @StarTrackTrooper Learn English you rumpranger you don’t even make sense

  10. StarTrackTrooper Says:

    @rockintheguitar Yeah dude you never actually told me why it was racist. You claiming brazilians which are latinos and whites are the best ? ? You put them on top of everyone all i said we were taking over. Figure it out yourself faggot and see which one of us was racist. Mexicans and Brazilians 2011 mma bitchess 🙂

  11. lasnieves32 Says:

    i got to meet carlos on sunday when he did a meet & greet. and he is one cool and layed back guy. he made small talk with me and my brother and he was really down to earth. i cant wait to see him get to the top of the division!

  12. rockintheguitar Says:

    @StarTrackTrooper dude I have no problem with Carlos Condit, he just knocked Hardy the fuck out which was awesome. I just cant stand these comments about Mexicans taking everything over which is actually racist. A dumbass once said “Racism is idiotic and idiot says what idiot does” haha queer

  13. StarTrackTrooper Says:

    @rockintheguitar racism is idiotic and idiot says what idiot does. Keep hating kid cause Carlos Condit is a killer, dude just ko’ed the guy gsp couldn’t. biatch

  14. rockintheguitar Says:

    @StarTrackTrooper wow just cause one mexican is champion spics think they’re taking over. Brazilians and whites are still the best in mma.

  15. petrolhead1845598 Says:

    THIS is a good interview. fucking ariel helwani sucks shit

  16. auston215 Says:

    I’m going to counter strike the counter strike, LOL

  17. ArinOngunTV Says:

    He looks like a hedgehog loool

  18. 1englishbulldog Says:

    hes a good fighter, will get far, dan hardy was more entertaining though !

  19. StarTrackTrooper Says:

    @lucirz Me and Carlos are both American with mexican descent. I could spot it him from a crowd anyday. Mexicans taking over the ufc.

  20. lucirz Says:

    @StarTrackTrooper he’s american. born and raised in the U.S and obviously has the american mentality. but again, it’s not about race, it’s about the fighter

  21. kawaii2k6 Says:

    I like this guy decent fighter but I like GSP too 🙂

  22. battaswing77 Says:

    This fight could have gone either way. There was some nice exchanges before they tried to strike each other at the same time with the same kind of shot. Condit’s fist landed a little quicker and right on Hardy’s button. Both are formiddable opponents & deserve respect. Do I think Condit will beat GSP? It’s possible, but I don’t think he will. GSP has many tools and is very skilled at each one so….I have to say no..won’t happen anytime soon.

  23. warriorprince1010 Says:

    @CityofgunzNrosez It happened for 3 out of 5 rounds against Sonnen, and happens every time there is a UFC or strikeforce event.

    So as I told you…move on.

  24. CityofgunzNrosez Says:

    @warriorprince1010 Yeah barely, it still wasn’t as big a deal as your makin it out to be. Now move on.

  25. warriorprince1010 Says:

    @CityofgunzNrosez The chants of USA happened, thanks for accepting I was right.

    Now move on.

  26. Wrestle in D5 Says:

    I’m in the PA d5 🙂

  27. Wrestle for charity Says:

    Wanna wrestle for charity

  28. Angelina MMA Says:

    I think Angelina Love is hot

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