Carlos Condit Plans to Crash Nick Diaz’s Party

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24 Responses to “Carlos Condit Plans to Crash Nick Diaz’s Party”

  1. juegas Says:

    @nigbot1 you love condit?

  2. sergiolemus87 Says:

    fuck you nick diaz quit because he cant stand the media

  3. Jonzer1983 Says:

    That´s not really the same thing, Ali used alot of headmovement and faints, sure he danced here and there to frustrate his opponents, but running away? The man has brain damage due to his fighting style, no way he ran from his opponent if anything he should have moved/covered more. He did not have KO power yet he stood toe to toe with boxers who did have KO power, how is that running away? Condit did run away from Diaz, does 1 fight define a person? Disrespectful Behavior from your part.

  4. nigbot1 Says:

    You still a butthurt Diaz fan? Mad because Condit retired him? Hahahaha haters gonna hate buddy.

  5. sakowihe75 Says:

    Condit runs from punches and hes a bitch. Muhammad Ali runs from punches and hes the greatest of all time. Double standard?

  6. TheApacheHawk013 Says:

    people calling Condit a pussy Pfffft. Diaz was a no show to not one but TWO press conferences to fight GSP. To all the people who is bitching about Condit running, you couldn’t Mr.Trifalion catch him for?

  7. drabeblaine Says:

    hey at least he won , and his hand was raised so shut up go do drugs with diaz

  8. GeneralVan Says:

    honestly, people gave the 5th to diaz, he did take his back, but condit escaped and stayed on top for the last 3 seconds and attempted ground and pound. condit won, close, but condit won by doing more damage, landing more strikes and more significant shots, and using movement to confuse diaz rather than stand right in front of him and become a punching bag. it wasn’t like kalib starnes. sometimes, you have to do what you have to do and condit did just that and i can’t wait for gsp vs condit.

  9. BobbyNutzzz Says:

    The best won!

  10. vhulksantos Says:

    gsp is so humble lol and it’s not just to create image, it’s just the way he is. like some guys pretend to be really humble like anderson silva but of course that people understand who really is and who isn’t… you don’t see gsp dancing or pissing his opponents like anderson silva does.. that’s the difference between these two.. like i said i wish the best future for gsp and that he has an awesome recovery from that knee because i know he also wishes for every other nice human being. PEACE

  11. YungBaseChris Says:

    Your pussy ass wouldn’t step in there with Condit nor Diaz. So shut the fuck up.

  12. nyphon Says:

    exactly what mannymma said, everyone scored this fight winning for condit. the judges, dana white, sherdog polls, and fight metrics. a fucking computer said condit won and people still bitch about it. wanna know the stats?

    condit landed more strikes and a higher percentage of strikes. he also had more significant strikes, biggest of all HE USED HIS GAMEPLAN!

    nick diaz couldnt do shit, none the less use his gameplan.

  13. saul8800 Says:

    I wasn’t aware that somewhere in the UFC rules there was something that said you’re not allowed to run.

  14. doomsdayspike Says:

    He just got a house and is remodeling it. I only know that because I saw it on UFC primetime

  15. FallenM16 Says:

    He’s a UFC Fighter but it looks like he’s staying in some,old ass apartment

  16. MannyMMA Says:


  17. freakofnaturefolk Says:

    That’s technique moron. That’s what pacquiao has been doing in boxing. You’ve got no brain. I bet you haven’t even tried sparring, dumbass. Get yourself educated. Watch this­s

  18. freakofnaturefolk Says:

  19. freakofnaturefolk Says: listen to what Dana’s saying morons.

  20. 529Jiub Says:

    Natural Born RUNNER

  21. thaghost1988 Says:

    He sure did spoil his party the best way possible 😉

  22. walkintall29 Says:

    hahaha. go back to the drawing board kid. he DID crash the party cause if i can recall he beat him. and ur a clown mate who doesnt know shit. he did not turn his back and run once. he out manouvered Nick the whole fight. Give Nick his dick back cockriders

  23. jasonputang Says:

    Diaz could have had his shot, but didn’t wanna do any press conferences. that’s on him…

  24. dulichsapagiare Says:


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