Carlos Condit says he’ll beat Chris Lytle by any means necessary

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25 Responses to “Carlos Condit says he’ll beat Chris Lytle by any means necessary”

  1. illybang Says:

    @MattUK9107 what?

  2. MattUK9107 Says:

    Lytle should be the first guy to land Condit his first KO

  3. MattUK9107 Says:

    this fight should be interesting since this guy beat Dan Hardy still like dan alot more though since hes my favourite welterweight fighter hope he comes back

  4. sonatakrump Says:

    Lytle’s standup is bullshit. But his ground game is just deadly.

  5. ballaboi8 Says:

    @MarijuanaGood4U lytle lousy?? lytle is a worthy opponent

  6. qjay199 Says:

    You obviously dont know who Lytle is you butt pirate

  7. MarijuanaGood4U Says:

    Lytle? Lousy fight. Give this kid Alves.

  8. bra187 Says:

    Condits cool but gotta roll with my boy Lights Out!!!

  9. Spaitin Says:

    i loveeee these guys. i loveeee lytle and i loveeeeee condit…. i think lytle will win…. but i really really really want condit to win

  10. TapYouOut81 Says:

    This is fight of the year material right here! Two guy that bring. I’m a huge fan of both men! may the best man win!

  11. Thor101792 Says:

    @TheeDevilWearsPrada the man is the former WEC champion im just sayin dont underestimate him look at Franki Edger no one thought he was gonna beat BJ Penn let alone beat him twice in the fashion that he did so anything can happen because in the end its a fight and anything can happen not taking anything away from Leben at all

  12. TheeDevilWearsPrada Says:

    @Thor101792 Ya I heard he’s a brawler. And has a record of 8 and 1 or something like that. But I’ve never actually seen him fight. And just because he’s in the co main event doesn’t really mean he’s a somebody lol. Maybe it’s his first time fighting on the main card. Probably the only reason why hes on the co main event is because of Chris Leben lol. Chris is gonna beat him easily haha. And then we need to see Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva.

  13. Thor101792 Says:

    @TheeDevilWearsPrada lol well he must be a somebody if their gonna be the Co-Main event at UFC 125 and i have seen him fight he is not that bad

  14. TheeDevilWearsPrada Says:

    @Thor101792 Lol Chris Leben is fighting a nobody.

  15. Thor101792 Says:

    man i hope Carlos gets the win i want to see him fight the winner of BJ Penn and Jon Fitch

  16. Thor101792 Says:

    @TheeDevilWearsPrada it Chis Leben vs Brian Stann

  17. wesl8160 Says:

    what ufc is the fight happening?

  18. bra187 Says:

    this will be a war

  19. TheeDevilWearsPrada Says:

    NOOO! Where’s Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben?

  20. TakedownFights Says:

    Carlos has been impressive for a few years now – and he just wins. As he said, “by any means necessary.”

    Every fight we see him in is exciting because he is so unpredictable. The amount of weapons this guy brings with him is staggering. If there is any justice in the UFC he should be in a belt fight before next year is done.

  21. UFCUKSTYLE Says:

    Cannot wait for this fight! Awesome matchup this should be a number 1 contender match for the belt!

  22. pass1144 Says:

    u deserve a title shot

  23. MMA News Says:

    Fight harder at Fight Factory

  24. Pound for Pound Fighters Says:

    Who rules the MMA?

  25. TV Wrestling Says:

    Wrestling on tv sucks

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