Carlos Condit Seeking Revenge On Kampmann?

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23 Responses to “Carlos Condit Seeking Revenge On Kampmann?”

  1. dsrmams56 Says:

    Condit vs Kampmann 2 will happen!  Condit confirmed it.

  2. Killuminati killstreak Says:

    125 209 whutttttt

  3. lucianobrunoldi123 Says:

    So Nick Diaz has no chance if it goes to decision? Dang

  4. can i be heard Says:

    @frank doberman oh my gosh really dude! Thanks for giving him the heads up too bad he didn’t do shit except that one headkick in the fight!

  5. guiga0cs Says:

    Carlos is a really nice dude!

  6. Alex Mills Says:

    This guy is a tool.

  7. Jesse G Says:

    Hope condit wins

  8. Frank Doberman Says:

    GSP watch out for conduit leg kicks with bad intentions and also his special gameplan version 2 (which includes flash stepping)

  9. rjp9871 Says:

    u always bring an open asscheek and lube

  10. epathebay Says:

    Coward “The Natural Born Runner” Conduit

  11. Chris Matthews Says:

    I hope he fights GSP in canada. I hate both these guys as fighters. But according to Canadian trends. Unless you knock or tap the fighter out. You better be canadian, because if it goes to decision, the winner is decide by “who is the canadian” criteria.

  12. TheSweatyfatguy Says:

    the “twice as many strikes” comment was about the sanchez fight btw

  13. TheSweatyfatguy Says:

    kampmann is the mostrobbed fighter of all time. i cant remember a fight where somebody got more takedowns than his opponent and landed twice as many strikes with higher accuracy and LOST the decision. he beat up jake as he outstruck jake and actually engaged the ground game a lot of the time and didnt really get taken down too much. he should be top contender not carlos who lost to him and ellenberger imo, who kampmann just tko’d. condit also lost the diaz fight imo ufc messin up

  14. TheLockon00 Says:

    Indeed. If they meet again, Kampmann will finish what he started.

  15. TheSweatyfatguy Says:

    kampmann would beat him again. next time kampmann will tko him

  16. shane lucchesi Says:

    learn to spell. and How can you insul anyone??? You said noob so your argument has no weight to it, go back to playing World of warcraft bitch

  17. shane lucchesi Says:

    you r a fucking idiot u have no right watching mma.boring fighter NO WAY. i beat diaz with strategy and most his fights end by finishes. So you r a total fucking tool

  18. e rey Says:

    Condit is a great athlete. I dont think GSP will lose to him thought. And if hes boring then being boring gets you to where he is.

  19. leaningtowardsgreat Says:

    Some would argue mindless repitition is boring.

  20. rjp9871 Says:

    condit sucks, boring fighter, boring personality. knew he wasnt good enough to fight diaz like he fights every1 else and win.

    hope condit gets kod by gsp and retires. fagit condit

  21. RealLifeSchooling Says:

    nick diaz

  22. Stephon Cruz Says:

    you are obviously a fucking idiot. you dont know what you are talking about at all.


  23. coolerow Says:

    GSP and Dana want Nick to fight and want thise piece of shit runner to go away

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