Carlos Condit Started Owned Coffee Business

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Carlos Condit the welterweight contender was preparing for life already after mixed martial arts (MMA), now that the champion of Ex World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) 170-pound is in his career’s twilight and worried about the head trauma, he has got.

So, the question is what does a sport athlete doing almost each day before an MMA training hard session? Just take a few cups of Joe, if you are “The Natural Born Killer.” Why to pay a local chain when an own company can be created?

Condit seems to have got his inspiration from the sources.

In an interview with the KRQE news, Condit told that “It happened that, I met Ryan, my partner and his pretty wife in a cadaver lab. Here, we were showcasing the doctors how to put arms of people back together and therein we got on the coffee subject,”

He further added that “Ryan was looking to do some cold brew, he asked me and I am a coffee obsessed, the idea clicked. We together had some of the best drinks in the world.”

Here one can find nitrogen-infused “Hundred Hands” craft coffee that are superb in taste and give all new experiences.

Condit is a popular face in the WWE and he has been the part of a few of the most memorable and important welterweight fights in the past, and has fought routinely the best the division has to offer, this includes the Georges St-Pierre, Tyron Woodley, Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz. These are some of the few names to be taken.

Believe it or not “The Natural Born Killer’ finds his path back to the Octagon stay to be seen, but it seems like he is content perfectly right where he is.

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