Carlos Condit talks Flying Knee, Title Shot, Fight Strategy

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13 Responses to “Carlos Condit talks Flying Knee, Title Shot, Fight Strategy”

  1. SpinningBackFist11 Says:

    @Dilldodon lmao at pay his “dews”

  2. Dilldodon Says:

    @TheChessMaster09 all that is true but bottomline condit was the champ of a organzation the ufc bought aswell as diaz condit has payed his dews in ufc diaz was fired from the ufc tears it up in strikeforce then gets a titleshot it doesnt make sense to me

  3. KittyKutthroat Says:

    carlos has done nothing but improve since entering the ufc, and his attitude is almost unreal being so modest…future champ no doubt, he should get that title shot next & if not then it should happen after he destroys his next step.

  4. TheChessmaster09 Says:

    @Dilldodon i believe everything you said about Diaz and Condit, but the UFC is not going for what we want to see or feel whats right for the fighters, its Dana White trying to market these fighters. Fighters dont fight for themselves in the UFC, they fight “for” the UFC. The UFC owns them. Money talks…. THis is why the UFC is legal in the states. the word “FIXED” is legal. remember UFC was banned years ago. Just do the research.

  5. muchohumpty Says:

    Both Karyn Bryant & Megan olivi in the same frame?

    Eat your heart out Chuck Lidell

  6. lindseyv08 Says:

    I usto hear about Carlos but never grabbed my attention, then I seen him start knocking fools out left and right n saw that out of 27 wins he finished 26 of them. Dam this mutha fucker is really good!!!! Might challenge gsp or even take his belt

  7. Dilldodon Says:

    I think carlos deserves a title shot befor diaz condit was the wec champ coming into the ufc and has paid his dues diaz 1st fight back in the ufc is a title shot after being a strikeforce champ with the only ufc level fighter he fought got fired from the ufc not fair in my opinion

  8. austizz1e Says:

    @Evanthebeachbum for a blanket, kim sure does try to pass guard and take the back a lot. You seem to be able to tell the difference between a lnp and active ground fighter.

  9. sirjohnrambo Says:

    great fight

  10. UltiEd Says:

    these assy intros with commercials :/

  11. TheReclamation14 Says:

    @Evanthebeachbum AGREED! Fuck the Kim the DONG

  12. Evanthebeachbum Says:

    im so glad he won. i hate kim. such a blanket fighter

  13. Gusto821 Says:

    This fight and lebens fight were my favorite fights on this card

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