Carlos Condit thoughts on Nick Diaz, GSP and marijuana

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26 Responses to “Carlos Condit thoughts on Nick Diaz, GSP and marijuana”

  1. 3kings05 Says:

    You’re pathetic.

  2. xxx630 Says:


  3. gwl1983 Says:

    Condit will find it hard to run when GSP is dry humping him to death!! Condit is gonna have a lot of rub rash after this fight.

  4. epathebay Says:

    Stop Running Coward COndit

  5. jose eduardo narvaez fernandez Says:

    no more running for you condit…GSp is kick your fagged ass

  6. j300a Says:

    hahaha what a fuckign joke , carlos conduit why did you do it ? you had 20+ fights with guys more dangerous than diaz and you fought normal but with he diaz fight you did some shit that ive never seen in a professional mma match. and you said you put on a good show ? what you smoke dude ?

  7. PhukAdvertisements Says:

    Condit landed one good body kick. He landed one good combo (the leg, body & head kick). Diaz landed the better punches to the face (which is all that matters in a fight). When Condit was running backwards, Diaz landed quite a few shots that snapped Condit’s head back. Rewatch the fight, dumbass. Diaz landed the more significant damaging shots (to the face). That’s a fact of reality.

  8. Brainiac198624 Says:

    your dumb lol your right boring fight but the only good shots landed in the entire fight where combos by condit with head kicks only 1 of is comboes landed but its the only thing that landed in the entire fight on both sides lol

  9. tiberias111 Says:

    You Diaz nut huggers…. Yeah he kept some distance. He also kneed, kicked, elbowed, and punched Diaz in combinations repeatedly. Stand and bang with the guy and then see if you can still rant about what a coward he is.

  10. Velocity4000fps Says:

    I dont get it, when ali sticks and moves he is the greatest, when condit does it, hes running?

  11. YoutubSUCKZ Says:

    paper champ

  12. codyjames01111 Says:

    No it’s grape drink!

  13. codyjames01111 Says:

    Diaz was the only one trying to engage. Condit was the one running away. When I fight people (which I don’t) and say they were bigger and better than me at fighting, I would punch and run. That is exactly what condit did. And that is not why I scored the fight 3 rounds to 2 for Diaz, diaz did more on the ground, he was the aggressor, and he landed combo after combo. Diaz is a fighter, strait up. Condit had respect be4 this fight, but lost it due to his lack of passion for fighting in this fight.

  14. codyjames01111 Says:

    Just the fact that so many people are debating about this fight, shows how subjective that decision really was.

  15. codyjames01111 Says:

    If you get a cheap cop-out, then I feel I get one, too. Ready: Joe Rogan said Nick won the fight, therefore it is true. Joe Rogan is a “MMM-Scientist” If anything, and KNOWS shit loads more about MMA than all three of those judges put-together. So, b/c joe said it, nick won the fight. Do you get that logic? If condit KO’d Diaz, then would we debate? If Condit DOMINATED diaz for 5 rounds, there would be NO debate. Watch Nate Diaz vs Rory M. – Went to Dec. but it was obvious Rory won, no debate.

  16. codyjames01111 Says:

    That’s a cheap cop-out. The judges say he won the fight, therefore he won? MMA, and the fights that go to decision, you know, the ones that are close, have always been subjective, and have been debatable on who really thinks won the fight. It was a close fight, and could have gone either way. Pac needs to just accept that bradley won, too, huh? What about vera vs couture? We are talking fighting here, right? Nick is a fighter, and comes to fight. Condit Did not IMO.

  17. Rotten Apple Says:

    i know man but it dont change the fact he won the fight!

  18. codyjames01111 Says:

    Close fight. I gave Diaz rounds 1,2, and 5. It was close, for sure. I would have deducted the fuck out of Condit for back-pedalling the whole fight. When you fight, you engage. Well, that’s my opinion, at least. Diaz is what seems to be a real fighter to me. It’s just my opinion, though, and everyone has one!

  19. codyjames01111 Says:

    The judging SUCKS BALLS in this sport!

  20. codyjames01111 Says:

    Yup, b/c they are fighting on the same night.

  21. Rotten Apple Says:

    get over it people he won! im a diaz fan aswell!

  22. Rotten Apple Says:

    no chance of that happening!

  23. devil7995 Says:

    whats with all the dislikes. that was a great interview. must be die hard diaz fags

  24. codyjames01111 Says:

    If Kapmann beats Hendricks, Kapmann should be first in line over condit IMO.

  25. ThatWoWGuy70 Says:

    The only thing I saw in the Diaz-Condit fight was a beautiful technical match.

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