Carlos Condit vs Dan Hardy KO REPLAY

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30 Responses to “Carlos Condit vs Dan Hardy KO REPLAY”

  1. garibay711cod Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahah CARLOS CONDIT WAS BORN IN AMERICA
    But He is MEXICAN,He is Of MEXICAN descent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KYgelly Says:

    @jesseblack10 ummm he knocked out rory macdonald too.

  3. WarBob56565 Says:

    around 0:15 you see robert downey jr jump from the crowd the moment the punch lands.

  4. darkNovaskar Says:

    @KYgelly look at the american war vs brittain, the americans were just farmers taking on the brittish in their flashy red suits, and kicked their ass its history.

  5. jesseblack10 Says:

    @KYgelly Carlos Condit was hardly a high profile american before this knockout

  6. lilmofo92 Says:

    @wewantgore666 to add something else your a little bitch 🙂

  7. lilmofo92 Says:

    @wewantgore666 okay fuckhead i never said gsp wasnt in the top 3 i know he is. so dont put words in my mouth gayboy. if he were to lose to jake shields then he would have been takin off the top 3 p4p. and i was rooting for jake cause im sick of gsp. so calm down baby girl i know your bloody down there right now but chill out. you fucking devil praising little bitch. probably a sad lonely man huh? lmao and no faggot diaz coudnt. and no hes not gonna fight anderson hes to scared

  8. wewantgore666 Says:

    Lol sooooo you were saying??
    Your a fucking dummy and obviously dont know shit about MMA or maybe you have been just living under a rock for the past couple years…
    Im not even a fan of GSP and i will admit (unlick some fuck heads) that GSP is deff in the top 3 pound for pound best fighters and has been for quite some time and it dosnt look like hes gonna slow down any time soon,
    But i also do think if anyone can beat St.Pierre it will be Nick Diaz.

  9. wewantgore666 Says:

    Lol Shields is a PUSSY!

  10. 1AztecaBoxing Says:

    @lilmofo92 I NEVER SAID HE WAS NOT AMERICAN, all i said was he’s MEXICAN-American bcuz he is.yeahh everybody always call us wetbacks and beaner’s bcuz were mexican,but if were good at somthing we are considered american,but watever Your an idiot thats all there is to know,He Mexican,Weather u like it or nott

  11. Thiagosilva2487 Says:

    @lilmofo92 im american. and u disgrace me…. not only is GPS gonna domninate as always unfortunately. but if he lost he’d still be number 3 P4P u jackass.

  12. lilmofo92 Says:

    @wewantgore666 yup thats cool but tonight jake shields is gonna smash gsp buddy. and when gsp does get submitted and loses that belt and is off the charts for p4p you canadian bitches wont have anything but hockey again lmfao

  13. lilmofo92 Says:

    @1AztecaBoxing hahahaha are you kidding me kid just shut the fuck up. he was born in the united states you dumb faggot. that makes him an american citizen stupid bitch. thats like saying all blacks arent americans because there called african-americans.GET YOUR FACTS STAIGHT BEFORE YOU TALK BUD.aztecaboxing lmfao probably never even stepped in a boxing gym before chump

  14. wewantgore666 Says:

    So what do you fuck tards think about the CANADIAN GSP! lol

    Pound for Pound best fighter in the world is CANADIAN! And Should i mention out of the 3 best pound for pound fighters either of them are American,

  15. 1AztecaBoxing Says:

    @lilmofo92 Yeah Carlos Condit Is MEXICAN-American.So Yeah do ur research b4 u talk

  16. lilmofo92 Says:

    @Kapassaaa maybe because your a little bitch boy and a faggot

  17. lilmofo92 Says:

    god damn brits cant fight for shit but they sure can run there mouths. no double knockout for all the dan hardy fans, thats the only thing you fags can say to try and back up hardy. carlos condit via KO USA!!!!!!!!

  18. ROBLESSK8 Says:

    Bullet the Blue Sky=Win

  19. draziom902 Says:

    @KYgelly cuz brits cant fight.

  20. knightofMary Says:

    I felt sorry for Hardy after his fight with Johnson. He’s now on a 3-fight losing streak. Hopefully he can turn things around in his next fight or he’ll get cut.

  21. ChromePacker101 Says:

    @Oblivion109 chuck norris joke, real original and hilarious

  22. Oblivion109 Says:

    see what u guys dont know is that, hardy’s punch actually hit condit, but since condit has a chuck norris beard, it didnt hurt him at all.

  23. Erratikdj Says:

    Soft Euro trash usually gets KTFO against the bigger and better USA!

  24. igordz Says:

    dan hardy didnt like this video

  25. ecdc41 Says:

    man that was a hell of a punch

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  27. Pound for Pound Fighters Says:

    Who is the most powerful MMA star?

  28. Wrestling Dungeon Says:

    Wrestling on tv sucks

  29. funny Says:


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