Carlos Condit Wants To Fight Nick Diaz Again

Carlos Condit hasn’t been able to fight in the UFC in more than a year since his last fight.

He suffered a knee injury in his match against Tyron Woodley that took place last year in the month of March. If Condit managed to win, he would’ve qualified for the UFC title fight. Condit had to spend most of 2014 recovering from his injury; he also had to undergo a knee surgery after which he needed rehabilitating.

Condit is currently training for his return to UFC. He is aiming at getting back in the competition this year. Condit said that he is feeling good and further added that he is very close to being able to perform to the best of his ability.

Condit also said that his knee is in a good condition now and he also expressed his hope of being able to fight in not too distant future. The sort of injury that Condit suffered usually compels athletes to take rest for nine months upto a year. But when Condit would return isn’t certain as of yet. It depends on when the doctors will declare him fit to participate in a mixed martial arts match and also on when UFC finds a fight for him.

When Condit returns, it is expected that he will be one of the favourites in the welterweight division because of his style and power. Condit is likely to face off against Matt Brown, this match was supposed to take place over a year ago but it was cancelled as Condit was injured. Condit is also willing to fight against Nick Diaz after Diaz’s match against Anderson Silva. Condit defeated Diaz in a UFC match back in 2012. It is said that Condit used tactics instead of engaging in an all out fight with Diaz to win that match. But Condit is willing to fight Diaz again to prove that he really is a better fighter than Diaz.

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