Carlos Condit wants to put MacDonald back in his place

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight Championship contender Carlos Condit is an extremely humble and down to earth person and he accepted his UFC 154 defeat at the hands of the reigning champion Georges St. Pierre with immense dignity and a sense of reality. But he knows that he is just one win away from getting himself back into the picture for the title and with a match against Rory MacDonald in the offing, he is getting ready to stake his claim on the UFC Welterweight Championship once again.

Speaking to ESPN, Condit stated that the fact that he has just come off a loss doesn’t change anything; he was involved in the biggest match of his career and that has him fired up quite a lot. He went on to add that he is looking to come back even stronger, and will be vying for revenge against the champion. Carlos Condit went on to add that he wasn’t surprised that MacDonald called him out for a rematch after he had given the youngster the worst beating of his life, further mentioning that he was happy to have been able to beat the snot out of the arrogant Canadian.

During the encounter at UFC 115, Condit came back after being completely dominated in the first round to register a victory by knock out in the third round – a fight that garnered such wide spread acclaim that it earned the two fighters the Fight of the Night honors.

Carlos Condit added that a lot of people are talking about Rory, and he has a lot of hype surrounding him. And he knows having defeated him already, another win over him would put him right back into the mix for a shot at Georges St. Pierre and his UFC Welterweight Championship.


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