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Carlos Condit Started Owned Coffee Business

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Carlos Condit the welterweight contender was preparing for life already after mixed martial arts (MMA), now that the champion of Ex World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) 170-pound is in his career’s twilight and worried about the head trauma, he has got.

So, the question is what does a sport athlete doing almost each day before an MMA training hard session? Just take a few cups of Joe, if you are “The Natural Born Killer.” Why to pay a local chain when an own company can be created?

Condit seems to have got his inspiration from the sources.

In an interview with the KRQE news, Condit told that “It happened that, I met Ryan, my partner and his pretty wife in a cadaver lab. Here, we were showcasing the doctors how to put arms of people back together and therein we got on the coffee subject,”

He further added that “Ryan was looking to do some cold brew, he asked me and I am a coffee obsessed, the idea clicked. We together had some of the best drinks in the world.” (more…)



Saturday, June 17th, 2017

Robbie Lawler, former UFC welterweight champion has recently opened up as to why he moved from his longtime gym at the American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida.

Lawler, who spoke to Brett Okamoto – Mixed Martial Arts reporter on the 5ive Rounds Podcast noted that he left because the time had come for him to leave.

“It was time for me to go. It wasn’t the place for me.

“I have a lot of friends and buddies still training there but the place wasn’t for me anymore and that’s what I have to say about that,” Lawler posited.

In mixed martial arts, the American Top Team has remained one of the most prolific gyms. However, it was unable to produce a champion until Lawler.

Lawler defeated Johny Hendricks, the then champion to win the UFC title via split decision at UFC 181 in December 2014, a fight which was a rematch from their initial outing in May 2014. Hendricks emerged winner via unanimous decision in the first bout. (more…)



Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Carlos Condit contemplated on making it the end of his career, having lost to Robbie Lawler at the beginning of the year.

Now it appears that he may be even closer to hanging up his four-ounce gloves for good.

One bout removed him from very nearly claiming welterweight gold, Condit returned to the Octagon at UFC on Fox 21 in Vancouver with a chance to jump right back into the welterweight title picture.

Nevertheless, the evening did not go as planned, as “The Natural Born Killer” was overwhelmed by the grappling of Demian Maia and tapped to a rear-naked choke 1:52 into the first round of their main event clash.

Condit managed to land only one significant strike before succumbing to Maia. It was a far cry from his previous outing against Lawler, a bout many thought he won and is one of the frontrunners for “Fight of the Year” for 2016. (more…)



Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Carlos Condit may have fought his last match as he is considering retirement from the UFC following his defeat to Robbie Lawler at the UFC 195.

The match between the duo was contested in a hard fought five round match with Carlos Condit performing below par despite out landing champion Robbie Lawler by a significant number of strikes.

Following the defeat, Condit said he left everything he had in the arena the night he fought Lawler and believes that’s enough to draw the curtain on his impressive career so far. This were his words after the defeat: “It’s not an emotional thing. I’m not dejected. I have to evaluate, but there’s a possibility that might be my last one. We’ll see,”

“I’ve been at this for a long time, over 40 professional MMA and kickboxing (fights). I came up short tonight”, he added. (more…)


Carlos Condit Training To Fight With Diaz

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

The former UFC champion Carlos Condit made an alleged announcement recently that he is undergoing training for his next fight with Nick Diaz.

The UFC Welterweight champion had achieved the title of 170 pounds when he defeated Nick Diaz during UFC 143. The natural fighter had his championship fights with Robbie Lawler and Georges St-Pierre. Condit is doing all the required preparations for a rematch with Nick and it will take place sometime after August as Diaz is still under suspension period. Once Diaz is released from it, there is going to a tough competition between these two fighters which would be fun to watch.

Carlos, who is the mixed martial artist from America, is now the part of the welterweight division of the UFC. He was the former interim UFC champion as well as WEC champion. As far as the rankings of UFC welterweight is concerned, Condit was in the 4th position. The fighter has never been terminated or knocked out due to strikes.


Carlos Condit Talks About Facing Issues In Life

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Fighters in the ring often do much more than simply providing entertainment and recreation to their fans and onlookers.

Some become public figures for the way they develop their bodies and spirit for fights and martial arts. Indeed, the kind of rigorous routines, grueling fights and workouts, stamina and mental strength that one needs to showcase can help motivate many others to get over their weaknesses and be better individuals.

Carlos Condit is one such figure who does more than simply fight in the ring. Being a mixed martial artist from America, he has competed in the welterweight category. He also holds the title of WEC Welterweight Champion. As in 2015 he obtained the fourth rank among UFC welterweights worldwide. Condit has been able to achieve thirty wins in his fighting career so far. Out of those wins, Carlos has mostly made victory either by knocking out his opponent or making them submit. He himself has never lost due to being knocked out or being struck down. He has lost only due to being injured. (more…)


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