Condit says he’ll Wait for St. Pierre

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit finds himself in a very precarious situation in the promotion at the moment. Although he has been tentatively scheduled to fight the UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre when he returns to the Octagon on the 17th of October, provided his knee heals in time; Condit constantly faces the ire of the fans who question why he doesn’t step into the ring against the likes of Johnny Hendricks or Martin Kampmann.

The main question that the fans are raising is that when a champion is out with an injury, the interim belt is awarded so that the title can be defended and when the champion makes his comeback, the fighter who holds the belt at that time fight with him to determine the undisputed champion of the division.

But Carlos Condit has defended himself, stating that the UFC hasn’t been in touch with him or his management regarding any other match, with Josh Koscheck or anyone else. According to the interim champion, the only meeting that has been held between the two parties was regarding the match against Georges St. Pierre on the 17th of November. And he admitted that this is a fight that he wants, even if he has to wait for it.

When asked what happens if the champion faces any setback during his rehabilitation process, Condit stated that he would still love a fight with him, but in such a scenario, he might just entertain the idea of stepping inside the ring against any other fighter that the UFC chooses.

And according to Carlos Condit, he is more interested in fighting against Martin Kampmann than Johnny Hendricks if he has to choose between the two, simply because he has had a stellar run as opposed to the four match winning streak of Hendricks.

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