Dan Hardy Talks About KO Loss to Carlos Condit

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26 Responses to “Dan Hardy Talks About KO Loss to Carlos Condit”

  1. HmongYou2Tube Says:

    ‘It was a good punch, man”. HAHA. Awesome

  2. A10pilot617 Says:

    @rugby2413 he is an expert at hyping up a fight, fan or not you watch his fights to see him either do what he said he was going to or get his ass whooped after talking shit… im a fan tho

  3. wwfwowner Says:

    Dan Hardy has under rated ju-jitsu, also has great boxing and stand up. He has a tae-kwon-do background too. He’s great on stand-up and somewhat on the ground. He could use some improvements with wrestling. Thats only reason Anthony Johnson and GSP won. Man huggers..

  4. jesseblack10 Says:

    @500TD500 Bahaha someone doesnt watch MMA alot eh? Dan Hardy would knock your ass out!! thousand bucks says if u saw him you ask foor his autograph, gtfo

  5. estafuego8807 Says:

    props to hardy for givin respect and bein a class act at the interview

  6. DnB4WaCkO Says:

    @thegame2011able Like what at first I thought you were being sick and talking about sex but you’ve never had any of that so must be something else like how to colour in books?

  7. thegame2011able Says:

    @DnB4WaCkO I can teach your little sister a lot.he he he

  8. DnB4WaCkO Says:

    @thegame2011able I think you need to stop commenting on videos with your stupid spelling, come on dude thier thats not even a word, its a simple choice between there, their and they’re my little sister knows more than you. BTW Hardy Rocks

  9. thegame2011able Says:

    I think UK fighters need to leave ufc and come back whene thier more well rounded fighted ,beside sluggers.

  10. 0GaZmAsK0 Says:

    Shit man, look at the guys saying Hardy is shit, wtf dudes? He’s an excellent counter puncher, I’ve watched a lot of him (fights, training, interviews,…) and he is apperently talented enough to fight in the UFC , I ain’t and I can only dream about it, so fuck you all yes?

  11. Zer0nite Says:

    @kurt23407 Anthony johnson wrestlefucked him for three rounds. Who cares. Wrestler’s are a pain in the ass for anyone without a wrestling back ground, and AJ was a weightclass bigger than hardy.

  12. Zer0nite Says:

    @500TD500 So who are your favorite fighters?

  13. 500TD500 Says:

    lolol hardy is overrated and has now power in his hand and his standup suck 3 lost in a row u madd?? kick him out of the ufc already

  14. 500TD500 Says:

    no dan is just a asshole

  15. RsKingBotz Says:

    Condit Got lucky he will be back. Hardy=Beast stand up
    ‘Vengance is Best Served Cold’

  16. nfl20 Says:

    and he tried caling out kos. TRIGGA PLEASE. koscheck would knock you out he has better striking then condit and he could out wrestle hardy he has way better wrestling then johnson

  17. SpectMe Says:

    he just needs to get back in the ring quickly and fight someone who is primarily a boxer so dan hardy can show his quickness and boxing skills. condit is a beast and he just caught hardy, im not saying it was a fluke but he just got caught. GO HARDY!

  18. kurt23407 Says:

    Now that he has lost to Anthony Johnson.. things look grim for this guy. He needs to improve his ground game badly

  19. CptHandGrenade Says:

    cant knock the mans honesty, acually have a lot of respect for him after that.

  20. philosopher2king Says:

    Absolutely right. I saw him interact with someone and he was very friendly, I could totally tell that his his real personality.
    However, let’s get real about something: Hardy is in no way near the top of the division. He was given the title fight against GSP as a publicity stunt to bring more British fans into the UFC. Hardy was not a top 5 fighter and apparently cannot win against one. He never fought against Fitch, Alves, Penn and Koscheck to get that title shot.

  21. DoAction Says:

    His fight against Johnson is going to be epic. I really can’t tell which way this one will go but I know that it will be standing because Johnson has the better wrestling but never showcases it. Hardy and Pearson are my favorite UK fighters, and I want to see them both do well. Some people lose control of their sporting mentalities, when watching MMA, and believe it goes for both Americans, and English people. I wish most people would just pull their heads out of their asses/arses, and be nice.

  22. waterfordel Says:

    @SxeScotty Yeah, you’re right on that. Did you see Jake Shields v. Kampmann?

  23. TwoTimesForYourMind Says:

    @thelastdaysmessenger We all know Hardy isn’t really a arrogant douche but Bisping on the other hand…

  24. Jardefendi Says:

    Dan will be back. Premium dude.

  25. HmongYou2Tube Says:

    Dan Hardy flipped the coin. Even Carlos Condit said: “it could have been me on the ground.”

  26. Free UFC Bets Says:

    I wish I had some money left to bet on this fight lol

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