Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit Ko

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25 Responses to “Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit Ko”

  1. TheChokeoutartist Says:

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  3. magz1995 Says:

    @BilliStatus His video was recorded off a TV too. Anyway i you want good quality buy th DVD.

  4. BilliStatus Says:


    I think his point is your video sux balls…. like any video where a dude takes footage of his tv screen…

  5. Jimmyleedocet Says:

    Beautiful KO

  6. x91iNFINITi Says:

    perfect hook

  7. ChristianL0530 Says:

    went to check out robbie3226s video and apparently he is in trouble from Zuffa.. Ouch. good luck man

  8. fillituppp Says:

    condit is the shit!! and im glad hes the one to shut “the outlaw” up, dan should move to wwe if he cant stand with the best cuz i kno he has NO ground skills at all

  9. battlemeok Says:

    @wvmale1986 lol he was hit yeah that part is obvious but he wasnt in any danger hardy was already done by the time he recovered but yeah im the same way haha anyway stay up bro i aint tryin to argue or nothin

  10. TheChokeoutartist Says:

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  11. wvmale1986 Says:

    @battlemeok actually he definitly knew he was hit cause he was off balance after hardy connected but im neutrel i dont like anyone i just like a good fight lmao

  12. wvmale1986 Says:

    @jasonpeng1 fights a fight bub if a man is willing to stand toe to toe he gets props

  13. jasonpeng1 Says:

    Yeaaah boy! Hardy wanted to fight thug style and he got dropped. Bet he’s more careful next time on his stand-up. Mad respect for condit

  14. diablo2items Says:

    @Robbie3226 and your account is also closed for hypercaming fights off of the internet idiot.

  15. sndwav2049 Says:

    @magz1995 LOL!!! – YouTube account Robbie3226 has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:


  16. JustListenGeorge Says:

    @DosXsConTecate What the hell are you talking about? And don’t be afraid to spell check.

  17. JustListenGeorge Says:

    @DosXsConTecate What the hell are you talking about?

  18. DosXsConTecate Says:

    @JustListenGeorge yeahh but i wasent,so sukk it

  19. MrAkihiro47 Says:

    that’s what you get for underestimating yer opponent

  20. battlemeok Says:

    @JustListenGeorge na, he didnt even look away from hardy when he got hit.. he was fine.

  21. 500TD500 Says:

    nope hardy has no power in his hands

  22. mrpedrotafolla90 Says:

    i love this video fuck hardy

  23. MuayThaiification Says:

    fuck you carlos-.-


    His name introduction was sick at this event.

  25. JustListenGeorge Says:

    You know Carlos Condit sayed at the UFN 24 Q&A session that he wasn’t rocked at all during this fight. Well actually the question was something like “Were you hurt at any point during the fight?” And Carlos, in a cocky manner, shook his head and said no. But he looks kinda rocked in my opinion check out 0:6-:08. What do you think?

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