Dan Hardy VS Carlos Condit UFC 120 Review

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28 Responses to “Dan Hardy VS Carlos Condit UFC 120 Review”

  1. bttrflyscar1 Says:

    I’m surprised you don’t mention the up and comer Johny Hendricks. He’s a two time NcAA champ, undefeated in mma and is scheduled to face Rick Story at the TUF finale. Both men are on four fight ufc win streaks and Story has beaten Ellenberger in the past. If Hendrix wins here, they’ve got to be looking at him to the third in line late next year if he keeps this up. Plus, most of his wins are by finish.

  2. WEEDfalloutUFC Says:

    HIPPO VS CROCODILE lol everytime but ya crazy/unexpected KO

  3. kev42o97 Says:

    @kev42o97 Condit was not shocked by his knockout. Let me ask you this: IF you were fight someone and they talked as much trash in pre fight interviews and the pre fight Press Conference, and even at the weigh in’s they shoo you off the stage in front of thousands, would you not want to prove a point to that fighter? Right after Condit’s combo and the stoppage by the ref, one could see Condit saying “What do we got”. Watch the Video. He looked much sharper with his strikes and movement.

  4. moellc Says:

    kiss 2ommak…..

  5. CrossCounter1 Says:

    @kev42o97 Condit felt more challenged than Hardy did, and rightly so. And he surprised himself with that victory. He knows he got away with one. I love Condit, and don’t care for Hardy at all. But I’m still not convinced. I want to see him do that again. Could Condit last 5 rounds with GSP like Hardy did?

  6. kev42o97 Says:

    @CrossCounter1 Get off of Hardy’s nuts he fucking lost, he is a one dimensional fighter whereas Condit is well rounded fighter.

  7. rainbowgirl60 Says:

    i was so gutted at dans loss. he is my fav fighter and i recon if they met again dan would destroy condit. if dans punch had landed first it would of been condit on the deck.

  8. CrossCounter1 Says:

    I’ve liked Condit from the start. But I’m not ready to call him a beast. I think he’s just extremely intelligent. He’s a miniature Rich Franklin. Would you call Franklin a beast?

    Condit himself was surprised by the outcome of the Hardy fight. He said afterward that the fight could have gone either way.

    So now what further surprises ME is that no one, including Hardy himself, is calling for an immediate rematch. Condit’s victory was a borderline fluke. Let’s see him do it again.

  9. TwiztedTurbo Says:

    I always knew Condit was a beast.Been watching him since his WEC days.Always great to watch his performances.I feel he got robbed in that fight against Kampman.
    I feel he is undefeated in UFC.

  10. Carnius797 Says:

    Bro I could not Believe this happened….

  11. 604PENNYWISE Says:

    @joeguy02 thats one I couldn’t pick a winner, anything could happen in that fight. Im a big fan of both fighters and really don’t wanna see either of them lose right now lol….I really don’t know man, I think Fitch might have a slight edge, but not much.

  12. SxeScotty Says:

    Every division is more stacked than it’s ever been, the onlyl one looking weak is Middleweight because Silva ends top ten careers lol.

  13. joeguy02 Says:

    @604PENNYWISE it would be a good fight, who would you take?

  14. Pr0InSaNiTy Says:

    I love Dan Hardy but Condit did deserve to win Hardy however, will bounce back. Just like Bisping did. Don’t count him off, he will be back. Everyone can get knocked out, it isn’t the sign of a bad fighter.

  15. TerryMMA85 Says:

    @howiboy how can you call that fight of the year lol.you got to guy throwing strikes for 4mins 30secs and someone got ko’d lol no surprise really

  16. UFCtalkshow Says:

    how’s it going i thumbed you uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  17. thehomefront Says:

    great reviews

  18. howiboy Says:

    Another thing, Dan Hardy looked really good in this fight, great shape, confidence, he was ready. Hey how about those lower leg kicks Condit was doing to throw Hardy’s balance off.

  19. howiboy Says:

    @604PENNYWISE Condit is a beast. I call that the fight of the year. Condit is the fighter people wanna see. Wow what a freakin fight that was damn.

  20. DaRealistization Says:

    @604PENNYWISE yeah man me to

  21. DaRealistization Says:

    see iam right iam all ways right Condit wins

  22. realfreakaynaughtay Says:

    Forgot Dong even.

  23. 604PENNYWISE Says:

    @joeguy02 dude, wouldn’t that be a sick fight? Perfect match up for both of those guys and especially at this point in both of their careers.

  24. ARandomCanadian Says:

    @GE2A2D He’d kill Anderson Silva

  25. ARandomCanadian Says:

    Lightheavyweight was the most stacked until BJ Penn and Jake Shields came to welterweight

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    Thanks for this 🙂

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