Frank Trigg v Carlos Condit

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28 Responses to “Frank Trigg v Carlos Condit”

  1. MrTJH1991 Says:

    the only thing you need to beat trigg is know how to do a rear naked choke

  2. briannloo Says:


  3. roddy308 Says:

    fantastic sub

  4. MrPeterok316 Says:

    Is it just me or do I hear Phil Baroni’s voice in the commentary?

  5. TheJoshAmbrose Says:

    expecially that down with matt hughes riding his back.

  6. alex1314159 Says:

    @mmafighter0629 lol, bad call

  7. BoxingandStrikeforce Says:

    Wow i like trigg but wtf does he has to suck so much?

  8. mmafighter0629 Says:

    @reddington13 haha! yeah fuckin right, hardy will murk him in october.

  9. UnicronVI Says:

    @enkogneto the landscape of mma was a lot different just a few short years ago. Up until he met up with the new school (GSP) he was consensus top 5. back when wrestlers could get by just wrestling he did quite well for himself. but the game changed and he didn’t. he still gets big fights because of respect for what he’s done in the past.

  10. TheTroyano77 Says:

    seems like trigg cant stop losing puts great fights but keeps losing.

  11. mixmaster2669 Says:

    This was the first of 2 fights that night. Carlos beats Trigg in a minute and a half. Then Shields has a 15 minute war with Okami, and still has the energy to dominate Condit. But Carlos was never expected to make it to the finals, and also he is the last fighter to go the distance with Shields who has 9 straight finishes since then.

  12. Paggot Says:

    trigg is a guy who’s garnered a lot more respect than he deserves.

  13. depeau44 Says:

    R u guys fucking serious??/ Condit beat GSP..rite..and then you woke up!!! next will have sam hoger beat anderson silva..haha!!

  14. dxk2007 Says:

    Trigg made a mistake and Condit got a submission. Condit will be interesting to watch in UFC now.

  15. dayzedaway Says:

    triggs beat the best of the best in japan and has won a pride tournament. Hes a brutal and entertaining fighter whos had his ups and downs

  16. enkogneto Says:

    Has Frank Trigg actually beat anyone worth beating? I’ve always seen him get worked. How did Trigg become a big name?

  17. reddington13 Says:

    condit is by far the best

  18. DemonofSarcasm Says:

    wrong tommy

  19. jewpowers Says:

    condits in the ufc now so hell be able to show the world what hes capable of, definitely a top 5 welterweight hes an animal.

  20. TwoNightsAgo Says:

    is baroni commentating?

  21. hungmanhtran Says:

    wec vs. ufc civil war, that would be sick, ufc would own but i wouldn’t be surprise to see some upsets.

  22. MattBurosh Says:

    lol^^care bears, I love it!

  23. blueballs9000 Says:

    huse? What the fuck? Try Hughes you fucking faggot, go back to watching carebears or learn to spell idiot

  24. blueballs9000 Says:

    hahahahaha, funniest fucking thing ever

  25. blueballs9000 Says:

    give me a break bandwagon jumping idiot. GSP would destroy Condit, too fucking strong for this kid. Get ready to eat your words if he even gets a title shot, it’ll never happen. Your nake should be queery22 faggot fuck

  26. Jose Aldo UFC Says:

    Jose Aldo would sort this guy out!

  27. Xtreme Fight news Says:

    Who is this guy?!

  28. World Wrestling Says:

    Wrestle your heart out!

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