Georges St-Pierre VS Carlos Condit UFC 137 Prediction

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25 Responses to “Georges St-Pierre VS Carlos Condit UFC 137 Prediction”

  1. lutwey Says:

    there is noway welter weight is more stacked than the lightweight division.
    half of the dudes u mentioned gsp already beat.

  2. lifehousestock Says:

    I think carlos might catch gsp like he did to dong

  3. Sybreeds Says:

    Anderson should stop cheating soo much…getting too greased up and laying
    illegal hits

  4. davistran510 Says:

    After and if GSP defeat Condit, and after and if Silva beat Sonnen. GSP and
    Silva NEED to happen! if not, the opportunity will be forever gone. Silva
    is going to retire pretty soon, he’s getting preety old and GSP is reaching
    the prime of his career age wise. if we wait any longer, it’s either never
    going to happen, or if it does, it’s just unfair..

  5. Michael Friedman Says:

    Interesting observation

  6. conrad garcia Says:

    fight’s delayed. hopefully they give this to us as a pre new year gift.
    Prediction: i agree. GSP ground domination on account of Carlos Condit’s
    take down defense is not first rate and GSP’s wrestling is among or perhaps
    the best in the world. But there could be a little surprise from Condit in
    round 4 and 5, but GSP will still manage to impose his game. unanimous
    decision for gsp, condit winning 1 round only.

  7. bpdragonslayer69 Says:

    @steeler43013 id say there chin is dead even, diaz has a better bjj
    pedigree but belts dont mean shit when your getting punched in the face,
    and condits standup is way more polished than nicks

  8. Max547 Says:

    @cocotiger77 It’s funny how you attack my opinion by ASSUMING everything is
    constant betweent GSP and Anderson Silva it. Lets stick to the facts then
    sense you try to dumb down my opinion by saying I just cheer for who looks
    like me without knowing anything about me, classy. Anderson Silva is more
    skilled at more trypes of martial arts his Muy Thai and BJJ is exceptional.
    He’s a percision striker that analyzes his opponents like a computer and
    attacks from so many angels……


    @terrtj he stood up with josh koshcheck/ Jake Sheilds

  10. 12spanku Says:

    GSP holds wins over better strikers then Condit (Penn, Alves), better
    jitz-players then Condit (Penn, Shields), and certainly better wrestlers
    then Condit (almost the entire WW division are). Don’t believe the hype,
    Condit stands very little chance against GSP. GSP will fight his own fight,
    like always. GSP will go back to his wrestling ways in this fight. And he
    will mostly spend the fight in Condits guard, throwing GnP, like the Penn
    and Alves fight. GSP UD.

  11. vulcanman64 Says:

    What does that tell you? It tells you that Diaz is not a well rounded
    fighter and has no business in the UFC.

  12. UncleLouis1 Says:

    the weight is an issue! for gap and silva to meet on short notice!

  13. KoRnNative Says:

    I’m a huge gsp fan, but anderson would beat him

  14. Ron Swanson Says:

    Silva just fought. This isn’t a fight that they want to rush. 137 is in 6
    weeks. Condit was an easy replacement. He was already supposed to fight on
    the card against Penn so it was an easy switch to put Condit in his place.
    Condit is a solid fighter (Although he should’ve lost DEC to Ellenberger)
    but GSP will win.. 137 is also in Vegas. The GSP/Silva fight will either be
    @ MSG (When approved) or the Cowboys Stadium (Has been talked about). It
    also will need A LOT of time for promo. Can’t rush it

  15. sjperera Says:

    @dre558 Yeah same guy… everyone has set-backs, I’m not jumping on the
    bandwagon (never did… was actually cheering for the Spaniard) but those
    are good prospects in that division… there isn’t much in the MW picture,
    in the WW we have 4-5 guys who have recent records of 7-1, 5-0… a MW to
    look out for possible is Serra’s guy… Chris Weidman or so? but the WW
    division is in good health, as so the LW, probably too healthy…

  16. terrtj Says:

    GSP has no business in the ring with Silva cuz he’s giving up too much
    size, speed, and reach. If they do end up fighting it will be a boring
    wrestling match. GSP will also not stand with Condit, he’ll wrestle him for
    5 rounds. He hasn’t really stood with anyone since he got knocked out by

  17. ike134 Says:

    @TheVikingsaint I totally agree that Silva would KO him.

  18. sjperera Says:

    GSP has plenty to deal with at WW right now… Diaz, Condit, Rory McDonald,
    Ellenberger, Story and Erik Silva in the future… the MW picture looks
    less exciting, rematches with Sonnen, Hendo (although he prefers LHW) and
    Brian Stann perhaps? And as for Condit-Diaz… Condit is def a tougher
    fight… stronger striker and fighter and it won’t be easy for GSP to slap
    him around even with his power…

  19. Quicksnipe1992 Says:

    GSP and Silva have both stated that if Dana wanted them to fight, they’d do
    it, in order for them to fight however, a contract would need to be signed
    a LOT sooner than the date for 137, To them, that’s like Brenneman (spell
    check) taking the Story fight on days notice, I think Condit deserves a
    shot, and I see winner of Sonnen/Stann getting a shot at anderson. After
    that, who knows. On another note, Nick Diaz is scarred homie.

  20. Myself Says:

    cageta quiero peleaa

  21. mindfreak1213 Says:

    @cyclonepowda94 silva Beat sonnen fair and square a win is a win there was
    no way sonnen was gonna get out of that triangle

  22. XBOXPLAYER343 Says:

    i think lightweight or light hevyweight are the most stacked. all you have
    in welterweight are wrestlers and bjj fighters, but lightweight and light
    heavyweight have everything

  23. Jonathan Su Says:

    I would rather watch penn against condit than what they got now

  24. Jamie Gaffney Says:

    u mad bro? 1- gsp is scared to fight anderson silva 2- gsp is scared to put
    on weight/muscle . 3 anderson cherry picks his opponents . 4 – Hes also
    scared to fight wrestlers .

  25. AlwaysSIC66 Says:

    How can you dry hump if your greased up? Haha

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