GSP: Carlos Condit way more dangerous than Nick Diaz

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24 Responses to “GSP: Carlos Condit way more dangerous than Nick Diaz”

  1. unclepalo Says:

    gsp aka grease safe player is a marketing robot. he sucks and condit is overrated, diaz fucks both of these jackson cock suckers up. WAR DIAZ

  2. kmc00007 Says:

    @MrTwat444 lmao, go to bed idiot.

  3. bigmitchmma Says:

    I understand the take that GSP has although there are 2 intagibles that no one should overlook – conditioning and toughness. Not one fighter in any weight division has more gas than Diaz. He’s has the best cardio in the business – period. He may not be the most polished looking fighter but he’s one tough SOB. You can’t always look on paper and see skillsets and know that fighter A will beat B because of this or that – it has to be settled in the cage. Hope that Diaz will be given the winner.

  4. tjf00ls Says:

    Name Carlos Condit
    Nick Name Natural Born Killer
    Record 27 – 5 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw)
    Wins 13 (T)KOs ( 48.15 %)
    13 Submissions ( 48.15 %)
    1 Decisions ( 3.7 %)
    Losses 3 Submissions ( 60 %)
    2 Decisions ( 40 %)

  5. tjf00ls Says:

    Name Nick Diaz
    Record 25 – 7 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw) ( 1 NC )
    Wins 13 (T)KOs ( 52 %)
    8 Submissions ( 32 %)
    4 Decisions ( 16 %)
    Losses 2 (T)KOs ( 28.57 %)
    5 Decisions ( 71.43 %)

  6. tjf00ls Says:

    @MrTwat444 Really? Explains why Diaz went into hiding..Cute. Quit being a nut hugger.

  7. DestroyerAlexandros Says:

    both are more exciting than GSP

  8. m00se321 Says:

    DIAZ is scared Homie!!!!

  9. melaniewilbanks Says:

    nick diaz should not even be in the ufc its clear that a strike force champ is no where close to the same caliber of a ufc champ worlds apart diaz was smart not to fight gsp he would have got embarassed and it would have made strike force look like a joke even tho he did that anyway just with out the ass whoopin

  10. jimmy92635 Says:

    nick diaz has better chance of beating gsp then condit does condit actually does have a better chance then people think but am going with gsp dec/sub.

  11. mastrlegacy Says:

    @Steadno It would be a huge upset for sure. Diaz has a good chance against Penn. Going to be a great fight.

  12. Steadno Says:

    @mastrlegacy true diaz needs help with as dana says ‘playing the game.’ i dont know why he would blow such a big fight but thats on him. he will likely beat pen by using his reach and jabbing. carlos might be gsp’s buster douglas although its hard to bet against such a chill and respectfull person such as gsp.

  13. mastrlegacy Says:

    @Steadno It was 1862 lol. I do think Condit is a better fight though. Diaz fucked himself so I don’t feel bad for him. Penn vs Diaz will be a war too.

  14. Steadno Says:

    @mastrlegacy lol yeah back in the 1700s

  15. mastrlegacy Says:

    @Steadno Nick Diaz? The same one who lost to Joe Riggs? And Diego Sanchez? You get where i’m going.

  16. performancepoo Says:

    Diaz would have been destroyed, Condit on the other hand, might pose an actual challenge to GSP.

    Unlike Diaz.

  17. MrThongLover Says:


  18. thehotsteal Says:

    I agree with gsp

  19. X0INFINITYX0 Says:



  20. Mrdeftoness1 Says:

    i hope condit wins and nick too so Condit vs Diaz can be made

  21. startmatt09 Says:

    nick is a fucking bitch, thanks for fucking up a great fight nick.

  22. lv702east Says:

    nick was gonna kill gsp wtf man dana is gsp bitch

  23. TheunstopableDouche Says:

    LOL fat people.

  24. Steadno Says:

    nick is better point blank

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