Joe Rogan talks about nick diaz beating carlos condit

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25 Responses to “Joe Rogan talks about nick diaz beating carlos condit”

  1. somedude yo Says:

    Diaz 125.. Stockton 209 what?

  2. paul banner Says:

    nick diaz 1 and 2….condit 3,4,5

  3. koko1914 Says:

    nick diaz 1 2 5

  4. Sasquatch Revealed Says:

    Something I notice no one posting here seems to know: Competing in extreme
    distance events, like marathons, triathlons creates a lot of slow twitch
    muscles. The Diaz brothers, contrary to what many think, are not slow
    because they smoke dope, it’s because they have very little fast twitch
    muscle. I actually originally learned this while training in China. I have
    spent the rest of my life watching as this played out in the ring as well
    as places like playing softball. It’s very obvious.

  5. erchachanfles Says:

    Diaz was over rated and so was his brother. We all know that now. He
    coulndt do shit against gSP and nate got man handeled against henderson. ”
    people dont realize how good nicks ground is” – rogan. Hahahaha he froze
    against GSP.

  6. gogynight Says:

    He’s actually a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and people usually don’t take him
    down because his Jiu-Jitsu is so good. His punches don’t look powerful
    because he’s technical and disciplined with his strikes, which pays off for
    him in the end because his cardio is ridiculously good from running
    triathlons and shit. Most guys can’t keep up. I like his fighting style.
    I’m not trying to argue or anything, just saying. =]

  7. galidou99 Says:

    I’m as calm as can be, you’re trying to judge my state of mind foolishly.
    But it’s been nice, you made me watch every fight I didn’t of Nick Diaz. I
    start to like what he does even if it’s not as strategic as some others.
    The guy sure got heart, determination and a very good chin.

  8. galidou99 Says:

    I might pick little things but bitching should be a term applied to your
    own way of arguying. Telling me to STFU, saying that anyone that judges him
    personally is a fucking idiot. You’re disrespectful dude. No one is a
    fucking idiot by judging others even in a harsh way. Most of the humans are
    fucking idiots if we judge people the way you do. You just judged those who
    judge him personally not even knowing them personally….

  9. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    I see what you mean but actually I think you do have to be a pretty stupid
    person to judge somebody you’ve never even met. That’s why I don’t judge
    people unless I know them or a lot about them.

  10. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    Anyways man, sorry for insulting you and shit, I just get sick and tired of
    people on YouTube and their asinine statements. I understand your point now
    completely though.

  11. galidou99 Says:

    Sorry, re reading I can understand the way you were thinking when you wrote
    that. But still ”you don’t like him” is different from ”you don’t like
    his way of fighting”. You could be mre precise considering that English is
    my third language and that I know 5 total. So no, my linguistic
    intelligence is not so low, I think.

  12. galidou99 Says:

    By one dimensional I mean he’s a standup fighter, that’s about it. He’s not
    a strategy guy that changes strategy or adapt much to an opponent, even Joe
    laughs when he says he would do things differently. That’s what I mean by
    one sided, I didn’t say he knows only one discipline. You can practice a
    thousand ways of fighting and still use only one strategy. I should then
    say he’s a single strategy guy so I might not shock you.

  13. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    I didn’t know it was your third language, sorry bout that.

  14. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    What I perceive as one dimensional or one sided fighting is the inability
    to fight any other way. Nick can, he chooses not to.

  15. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    Exactly, you don’t know him personally, you know his fight style so that’s
    what I meant when I said you don’t like him. If you’re gonna pick at and
    bitch at little things that aren’t even mistakes on my part, that’s just
    the result of your very low linguistic intelligence.

  16. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    Like I said, Nick isn’t a smart game planner, he just sticks to his style
    of fighting, and that’s what he stands for. I respect that more than if he
    were to start playing it safe to win point scoring decisions all the time.
    He just sticks to his style and comes to fight every time. And I don’t
    think you know what a single sided or one dimensional fighter is… Being
    one dimensional means you are only good at one aspect of the fight, one
    martial art. Nick is good at boxing and jiu jitsu.

  17. galidou99 Says:

    Just to show you why I think he’s single sided, near the end of the
    interview, when Joe is asked what would Nick do if there was a second
    fight. He says: he would do things differently, with different strategy
    then LAUGHS and says no he would just give him less opportunity, throw
    himself into the fire more. Throwing himself into the fire more. I think of
    it as being more offensive at the cost of defense AGAIN. Less defense =
    more opportunities, but that’s my opinion.

  18. galidou99 Says:

    Sorry for my english, it isn’t my main language, I’m trying really hard and
    I know you understood my point. If you really read just fine, then stop
    saying things I NEVER said. After all that if you can only attack my
    grammar well… thanks anyway.

  19. galidou99 Says:

    If you can find ONE time I said: I don’t like nick Diaz, I’ll give you
    100$. And you come up with answers like: I read just fine. I said I don’t
    like his way of fighting, that I don’t see him the way you do. I can’t like
    or dislike the guy, I don’t even know him personnally. I’m only discussing
    his way of fighting with you and you’re getting SO personnal into it,
    thinking I’m saying untrue things about HIM, his integrety as a human
    being. Please, stay in the context of MMA.

  20. galidou99 Says:

    In the context of MMA, which I see as professionnal fighting, even if it’s
    only a strategy to be a thug, I think of it as unprofessionnal. I do not
    think he’s a bad human being, I just think his way of fighting is
    unprofessionnal and one sided, the reason why he has to resort to taunting,
    bad attitude in his strategies to make his adversaries over commit
    themselves and make them weak. It works, it’s just unprofessionnal, I think.

  21. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    What I said (that you don’t like him) was referring to him as a fighter,
    not a person cuz anybody who thinks they can judge him personally is a
    fucking idiot.

  22. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    K so why are you going on and on about how you think this, and you think
    that about Nick when you already said it’s just the way you perceive it and
    I agreed that it’s fine? It feels like from my view, like you are trying to
    convince me of shit, and it’s pointless cuz I see it differently than you,
    yet I accept your view on it… I just said don’t say untrue things about
    him. That’s it. Calm down please, you’re really looking foolish now.

  23. galidou99 Says:

    Everything he said was pure nonsense, Carlos did WAY more damage on his
    back than Diaz ever did.

  24. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    I read just fine, you just have very low linguistic intelligence and can’t
    communicate proper English i.e. Grammar, punctuation, spelling.

  25. ProdigiousCognition Says:

    Dude, that’s one of the exact points I make to other people that say Nick
    is a disrespectful thug and shit. They can’t see that there is more ways to
    perceive that and they act like it’s a fact that Nick is some bad human

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