MacDonald wants to make Carlos Condit suffer

Rory MacDonald has clearly chalked out his strategies for his upcoming mission at UFC 158, the pay per view event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and that is not just a victory against Carlos Condit, but also to physically as well as mentally harm him. Condit is a direct contender as well as former number one contender for the UFC Welterweight Championship, having lost to Georges St. Pierre in a title match at UFC 154 in November. Fans of Mixed Martial Arts have been noticing a kind of psychotic tendency in his motivations as well as demeanor.

And in an interview with, those tendencies became quite clear when he stated that he wants to do exactly the same thing to Condit as he had done to him. He added that he wants to make him feels embarrassed in front of his friends and family, the same way he was made to feel embarrassed; he made it clear that he would love to hurt Carlos Condit the same way he has hurt him and he hopes to exact revenge on him making him suffer so that he remembers the fifteen minutes they spend inside the Octagon for the rest of his life.

MacDonald, it seems, is honing his skills in terms of his pre fight trash talking and the way he has been speaking, using such psychotic tendencies, it could make even the best flinch. But Condit is someone who is almost as unflappable as anyone and there are doubts whether these words from MacDonald would affect him in any way.

Carlos Condit is one of the biggest draws in the Welterweight division of the UFC after the champion Georges St. Pierre and the match against MacDonald would almost certainly decide who faces the champion for the UFC Welterweight Championship.


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