MMA Uncensored Live: TUF Picks, Carlos Condit’s Next Fight

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25 Responses to “MMA Uncensored Live: TUF Picks, Carlos Condit’s Next Fight”

  1. KickassMelodeathHD Says:

    Thing* retard

  2. KravaLLT Says:

    love Kos

  3. Ricky Burgos Says:

    Haaahhaa ahhhhh josh ????

  4. kvach90 Says:

    most retarded think i ever heard

  5. J Pep Says:

    natural born winner. diaz is a natural born loser.

  6. chuey1988 . Says:

    rofl @ the guy who said kampmann won against diego sanchez by TRIANGLE CHOKE after losing for 3 rounds lol!!!!

  7. chuey1988 . Says:

    rofl at engleberger ahahahaaaa

  8. Senvirr Says:


  9. UrKingNgodup Says:

    Mike Straka was the only intelligent person here. He guessed correctly on this too. Kampman is a definite monster and like Straka said “should never be counted out”.

  10. UrKingNgodup Says:

    Yes, Carlos Condit is not a real fighter because he went to decision and fought smart for the second time in his entire career. Don’t call yourself an MMA fan, please, just call yourself a special needs person. Condit has 13 KOs and the same amount of Submissions. Who else in the WW division has that kind of a record? on top of that only 5 losses in his entire career. Tell me, please, who else can match up with him? Don’t say Ellenberger cuz he just got KO’d and has a loss to Condit. Durrrrrrr.

  11. greatestofalltime01 Says:

    eangle burger? josh?

  12. les antone Says:

    lol i love his answer when they asked about gsp do you think he’ll come back after the injury?uhhh i hope not! hahaha love it

  13. Terry Leach Says:

    No. Ive watched the fight multiple times, including live. I was hopeing for Diaz, but at the end i KNEW he had lost. Condit beat him, but he did so cheaply that im no longer a fan of his. Diaz could have done more yet he just stood there. He lost the fight. He should have done more. He let Condit use his cheap tactics to steal a win.

  14. freewaffles666 Says:

    He “officially” lost the fight. The judges are fucking retarded, don’t insult me you peasant.

  15. Terry Leach Says:

    Nick won without question? WITHOUT QUESTION? He lost the fight jackass

  16. jonthedonable Says:

    The people who are not zuffa robots and have their own brain know diaz won that fight.

    condit didnt fight.

  17. freewaffles666 Says:

    Stating facts isn’t crying, baby dick. You stopped messaging me=you lost, thanks.

  18. TEHWEEZY Says:

    You’re gay. Quit crying already. I remember seeing you cry in another video too.

  19. WaSsilache Says:

    what the hell is wrong with that dude ? :)) kampann was losing his fight with sanchez but then triangle’d him ???????????? …kampann beat the shit out of sanchez but the judges were idiots and then kampann got beat up by thiago alves but then submitted him with a GUILLOTINE . this dude should get fired :))

  20. Sid Nandlal Says:

    dear diaz fans condit won get over it

  21. freewaffles666 Says:

    If I was attempting to troll you I would do it in a more complex manner. Nick won rounds 1,2, and 5 without question.

  22. Zane Kaiser Says:

    Nick Diaz troll

  23. freewaffles666 Says:

    diaz won rounds 1, 2, and 5

  24. Zane Kaiser Says:

    @ all the Nick Diaz fanboys crying about Condit beating Nick: DON’T WATCH MMA. Its a professional sport with strategy and seeing who trained harder for the fight. It isn’t a sport to see people kill each other in a cage. Go see chicken fights if you want blood and guts you fuckin trolls. Carlos Condit’s nickname fits him cuz he’s 28-5 (13 by KO, 13 by submission, and 2 by decision).

  25. ultrasasuke2 Says:

    “I thought Diaz won that fight, but that’s past.”
    A lot of us did, but you need to get over it.

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