Nick Diaz on Judging, Scoring Against Condit

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25 Responses to “Nick Diaz on Judging, Scoring Against Condit”

  1. mt143341 Says:

    Condit is Kalib Starnes 2.0

  2. MrJerrydown Says:


  3. maddogg7177 Says:

    are you insane Nick has mad ground game!

  4. maddogg7177 Says:

    They are only disrespectful before and during the fight it’s called psychological warfare. After the fight win or lose they bow, hug, raise the hand of their opponent they are absolutely respectful.

  5. SnowTiger45 Says:

    I agree. It is easy to say on the net.
    It’s just as easy to say to their faces too.
    The Diaz Bro’s have both had some great fights, but they are both whiners when they get their asses kicked and/or when good fighters don’t get sucked into their taunts.
    So like it or not, I still think THEY BOTH SUCK.

  6. ben franklin Says:

    hows ur mom doing

  7. CorathTheHung Says:

    The only things these fucks excel at is disrespecting others. NO class. Painful to listen to as well, holy dog-shit.

  8. Tommy Smith Says:

    Then the other half of the 5th, steroid boy got traingled. Then in the rematch he made himself look a right idiot and got TKO’ed.

  9. Tommy Smith Says:

    Easy for a bitch like you to say on the internet.

  10. ultimategoobah Says:

    exactly what i said. he bitches at condit, but he did the same thing condit did. he admits it here. “i take the path of least resistance” in other words, he knows if he attempted takedowns, it would have been a whole different ball game, and he wouldnt have had the advantage. he was just trying to win the way he wins best and was unsuccessfull in doing so.

  11. SnowTiger45 Says:

    Diaz brothers are pussies and they both suck.

  12. Ruben Toder Says:

    Diaz 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 and a bit of 21

  13. JonCollins008 Says:

    It was a close fight moron, and I would go back to school if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m already in school you fuckin idiot. Maybe if you tried to get an education then you would have some brains. But have fun being pissed off because nick lost, he’s gonna get a title shot with GSP anyway, if he can suck it up and actually fight him this time. Cause you do know that he already had the chance to fight GSP but he opted out like a little girl.

  14. corey mckenzie Says:

    LOL what dont you get about it it wasnt even a super close fight and im not trying to be a nut hugger or fanboy im calling it as it is nick diaz got fuking jipped he won the fight by a mile but judges couldnt do there simple judge there was no need for nick to take him down he was winning the fight pressing the action always going forward why dont you go back to fucking school you piece of shit and stop being a lil faggot cunt

  15. RickmanSlickman Says:

    You’re the one suckin on the Diaz cock. I could give two shits about the winner of this fight. I judged the fight in favor of Condit not because i like him, or dislike Diaz, but because Condit was the legitimate winner of most rounds. I’m sorry you’re a fanboy of Diaz, & was to busy watching his ass to see the fight. I agree that Diaz was the ‘aggressor’ & controlled the center most of the time, but that means shit if your eating strikes all night. BTW-Condit’s a bitch, but Diaz lost to

  16. IndeclineKills Says:

    1 3 and 5

  17. JonCollins008 Says:

    wow dude you need to go to school and take english….but here the thing, i realize the fight was super close, but obviously if the judges say condit won…then condit won! shit whats so hard to understand about that? if diaz wanted to win he should have gotten a take down. but the only “take down” he could get was getting condits back late in the 5th and not doing anything with it…..youre a fuckin idiot bro go to school and get a fuckin education then maybe you can understand how shit works.

  18. corey mckenzie Says:

    thats the best you have see i shut you down with my last comment didnt i even joe said he thinks nick won the fight theres nothing i can do about it now whats down is down im not butt urt you loser cuntt im just sick of seeing judges fuck up fights beacuse they cant judge a single fight why dont you go and learn about any of this shitt before opening your mouth and saying shitt !!!

  19. Clover Jetz Says:

    really feel bad for nate diaz the dude don’t talk shit he just works his ass off and bendo was just to bigger n stronger for him…it was sad to watch after that first 2 rounds I new it was over for him, diaz might have a chance against gsp if he can stop gsp’s takedowns….doubtful but possible

  20. norcalking209 Says:

    When Dana white said that Diaz won the fight it tells every one that he got robbed . You know that the judges snubbed him . Enough said !

  21. rhdez11 Says:

    Chael 1,2,3,4,& most of 5…. then he tapped put… lol

  22. darkwaterincor Says:

    Literally Nick Diaz, round 1, 2, and 5. Go fuck yourself. Condit is a bitch and lost, talking all this shit that he is the “NATURAL BORN KILLER” and was on his bicycle the whole night. If you don’t understand that this was a close fight and Diaz should of got the nod for aggression, you’re a cunt. End of story. Counters all night? Give me a break, lol. You are the one on Condit’s dick.

  23. ripuli24 Says:

    Scoring was retarded Condit was running like pussy 😛

  24. JonCollins008 Says:

    stop being so butt hurt, nick lost get over it.

  25. corey mckenzie Says:

    if you look it up u dumb ass joe rogan actually says that he watched the fight at home and said that he thinks that he won the fight look it up its on youtbe so your argument is invalid go back to your little fucking cave somewhere with greg and make a game plan to beat me you piece of shitt nub

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