Nick Diaz Out of Fight with GSP – Carlos Condit in and BJ Penn vs Diaz

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26 Responses to “Nick Diaz Out of Fight with GSP – Carlos Condit in and BJ Penn vs Diaz”

  1. BlazeKing416 Says:

    diaz aka the pussyboy

  2. Jsspower Says:


  3. MrSkeletoncrew Says:

    @DeyCudiakaDeyLethal dipshit. Actually I am very educated in MMA. I dont practice it, but have been involved in martial arts for years. You tho, really have issues with proper English as I dont have the slightest clue about the rest of your rambling. Go to school and educate yourself. Oh, and stay off the dope.

  4. JPuReTaLeNt Says:

    I tuned out from your video as soon as you said Diaz was better than Condit. Apparently is sounds like only you and all the Diaz fans are sour about the outcome. Get over it. Dude fucked up…. btw he would get tooled by Condit.

  5. mcpo71x Says:

    About nick being dropped from the GSP fight I think it is the right move by the UFC no doubt I reckon Diaz v GSP would be a gun fight but if you don’t listen to the boss shit happens……

  6. 1slow99 Says:

    you might want to do some research. you dont know shit fag

  7. DeyCudiakaDeyLethal Says:

    @MrSkeletoncrew you sound uneducated MMA wise i asure you he was not worried he wouldn’t beg for a fight to back out so please miss me with that bs you have no idead what he had going on

  8. leaderOFlosers Says:


    I only haven’t seen around 5 of Nicks fights… But i’ve seen enough to base my opinion on him.

  9. MrSkeletoncrew Says:

    Diaz was either chicken to fight GSP or he is afraid to lose. I will admit one thing. Diaz really hasn’t badmouthed GSP. I do believe he knows George is no can and he knew his chances of beating him are slim. He has faith he can beat BJ when in essence he might be right. George dominated Penn badly when they fought so he’s a much easier fight. Anyone who says differently is just a troll.

  10. DeyCudiakaDeyLethal Says:

    @leaderOFlosers you don’t know what the hell your talking about you clearly don’t watch his fights

  11. leaderOFlosers Says:


    in what way? He’s not a technical striker nor is he a counter puncher.
    HIs reach advantage is the sole reason for his success.

  12. blaaket123 Says:

    @DeuceWayne420 I agree. I have always liked him. The fact that he finishes fights and doesn’t lay and pray like GSP.

  13. DeyCudiakaDeyLethal Says:

    @MrSkeletoncrew how did he run from a fight he begged for you say “biased” look at you your a biased ass hole Dana handled that very stupidly you must not realize how easily GSP will get through Condit its people like you who discredit the greats Diaz whole style would have overwhelmed Gsp trust me im not biased and Gsp will get right through Condit Dana White is just a bitch he knew damn well Diaz would show to the fight

  14. DeyCudiakaDeyLethal Says:

    @leaderOFlosers YES HE IS

  15. DeyCudiakaDeyLethal Says:

    @DeuceWayne420 you must not watch Diaz fights go look em up

  16. mastershadoshi Says:

    fuck off codit would rape diaz

  17. Vancouverjason1 Says:

    @lv702east Yeah, because Diaz rabid fans will go on the attack. He has alot of idiots in his fan base.

  18. kag35ninety6 Says:

    @TrevorHarris881 In my opinion Diaz deserved that, HOWEVER if you think about it, Diaz vs Penn is going to be an all out street fight. I CANT WAIT FOR IT. thats going to be way better than condit vs st pierre. diaz and penn are both street fighters, there is LITERALLY no way this can be boring.

  19. MrMarcopolo94 Says:

    @XMarkstheGamer i agree condit is a threat but jackson said he wont be in either corner

  20. disgustika Says:

    Youre a faggot.

  21. feedmetwinkies Says:

    I have to be honest and say your ideas are crazy. The Fratita brothers are not mob boses- Their father had ties with the mob but they have been running legit casino’s for years. As for Nick only caring about money and could make more in boxing- He doesn’t have a name in boxing your average pro-boxer makes less than 1k per fight. He would have make high 6 figures for a fight with GSP and if he displayed impressive boxing skills he could have got a exhibition fight.

  22. XMarkstheGamer Says:

    Diaz is a great fighter but Condit is no one to sleep on either he very well might pull out a win ESPECIALLY with Greg Jackson in his corner.

  23. nicklion Says:

    ur unprofessional m8 why should BJP or condit train there asses off cut weight go the weigh in rock up 2 ufc 137 and than 1 of them miss out on fighting cause u got a bum like diaz plus im sure GSP will like 2 know who he’s fighting 2 in advance so he can actually train 4 him maybe u should just make blogs about star wars or star trek im sure u’ll be good at that .

  24. wildwolves8 Says:

    condit, not conduit u noob.

  25. MrSkeletoncrew Says:

    This kid looks like a chubby 16 year old. How the fuck does he think Diaz is better than Carlos? Give us examples kid because your whole bid is biased for Diaz. Havent you heard? He’s a fucking chickenshit. He ran from a fight with gsp. Vulanman64 your right dude. He looks like a faggot. Yeeeech.

  26. Daniel Says:


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