Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Rematch, UFC on FOX 3, Drug Testing, UFC 144 Talk and More

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23 Responses to “Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit Rematch, UFC on FOX 3, Drug Testing, UFC 144 Talk and More”

  1. Beachcrib Says:

    I like diaz and condits style…. I still give that fight to diaz … that take down a sub attempts were the only time I Stood Up. Diaz 1,2 and 5 , condit rounds 3 and 4 . a rematch would be pretty damn fun . both guys are top pros and get RESPECT .

  2. IsolationInstigation Says:

    Yeah, which is a shame, cuz Aldo deserves alot more attention, BUT he hasn’t been with the promotion for that long and his history lies in the WEC. He’s only had 3 fights in the UFC, so I understand that side of it for sure… but Aldo is already a star to me, I never think twice about ordering an Aldo event.

  3. darkbluesoul Says:

    I think they are talking in terms of drawing power at PPV’s. Aldo is amazing, and a star in the making, but as of right now he isn’t a huge draw in comparison to others in the promotion.

  4. IsolationInstigation Says:

    They don’t have a featherweight star? Jose Aldo isn’t a star? He’s their best active fighter. I’m always excited for a Jose Aldo fight.

  5. xkillaz18x Says:

    War THC!

  6. tmxman23 Says:

    Cruz dances around moves in fires of a few week as shots then moves away.. then repeats the same thing over and over and over and over until he has to do a few different takedowns like last fight, but ultimately his style is weak and boring. Cruz is a champ in a transitional period of the 135lbs divivion. The 135 division wont become popular until Cruz loses. I like Cruz and I think hes a great fighter but he isnt ppv (oh I have to pay 45 dollars to see him) kind of entertaining

  7. tmxman23 Says:

    We all need to move on from the Performance Enhancing bans and just let everyone do what they want cause in the end the best athlete or fighter will win anyway.

  8. tmxman23 Says:

    wow you think Dominic Cruz’s style is more entertaining than what Condit did against Diaz.. lol Let me just say this, I like Condit and thought he had a great game plan but I still think Diaz won the 1,2 and 5th rounds. Cruz is boring as shit to watch- in my opinion, Cruz is the ultimate points fighter and I would never pay a penny to watch the guy fight- I dont pay money to see any of these fights though cause I am smart and I have a number of websites that post the ppv events

  9. Eliano55 Says:

    lol not

  10. sachabrady Says:

    I listened with interest to both KN and LT expounding the importance of fighters not entering the cage under the influence. I can’t think of one reason to disagree. One thing which they may want to have considered or touched on, is the fact that to ensure the fighter is safe, he needs to be tested BEFORE as well as after entering the cage, and this cannot be done on a random basis. If they leave with a broken arm because they were non-compos mentis, the damage has already been done, literally.

  11. fightfanian Says:

    Cruz’s movement is not running, or boring, to me, Condit’s style in this fight was running( he turned his back to Diaz). Cruz is exponentially more exciting than any lay and pray, Cruz puts himself in dangerous spots, his only knock is lack of power, but that isn’t necessarily his fault.

  12. Hiide666 Says:

    also their was a crowd fight at 143 and im upset it didnt go the distance just alot of trash talking
    was like hell yeah werdum/nelson and some random dudes shoving each other 2 for one deal always wins me over

  13. Hiide666 Says:

    critics are like assholes everybody has one
    condit deserves a couple of decision fights look at his record dude finishes fights
    just this time title shot on the line so he played it safe

  14. stroberts11 Says:

    Prefer lay&pray to Dominic Cruz? Smh

  15. lonnie333 Says:

    Subscribed, nice work guys!

  16. xoenhit Says:


    i enjoy these videos, keep up the good work

    1 hour of mma analysis, /drool

  17. JREYNOSO Says:

    btw, FOX 3 will be four fights so two more fights to come.

  18. slimbabyriderims Says:

    This is a solid MMA analysis. Pls keep this videos coming. I am a subscriber

  19. CodeNameKatana Says:

    These videos are awesome. Keep it up!

  20. BJJKubryk Says:

    The crime scene he’s referencing is from “A Bronx Tale,” not “Goodfellas”

  21. wildwolves8 Says:

    diaz vs miller main-event on FOX, thats ridiculous. Thats a co-mainevent at best

  22. wildwolves8 Says:

    gsp is fighting “risk-averse” not for points. But whatever nowadays they are no good arguments to defend gsp’s style. 

  23. google tv Says:

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