Paul Daley Talks UFC 108 and Carlos Condit with

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26 Responses to “Paul Daley Talks UFC 108 and Carlos Condit with”

  1. jjohnson218 Says:

    josh koscheck vs paul daley

    koscheck’s new found love for striking came at a bad time, he stand’s with daley he will get hit, he will fall, he will not be getting back up

  2. PREACHdaddy Says:

    daley is going to ko hazlett like marqaudt did maia

  3. MMAbreakdown Says:

    Condit is hitting the deck!!!

  4. edwardpowell89 Says:

    even if hazelett takes him down hell b to strong to keep down. Just watched sam morgan fight, Daley by knee to the face

  5. FXBthe3rd Says:

    hazelett is solid, his striking is good enough to hang with most guys so he can set up a takedown for the submission, very underrated guy, buy i see daley taking this one, good assessment

  6. seanydevlin Says:

    yea but hazelett can strike too and take a way better punch the kampman. plus hazelett has alot more unique and unexpected submissions. it can go anyway. i see daley tko though too

  7. dmcguk Says:

    daley by semtex punch

  8. FXBthe3rd Says:

    he’s shown to have really good take down defense and you know hazelett wants this on the ground bad! classic grappler vs striker, considering how underrated kampmann is when it comes to taking guys down and submitting them i see this fight ending with a ko via daley…i’d say round one, this fight will look alot like the time hazelett fought koscheck id bet

  9. FXBthe3rd Says:

    he’s actually right about condit being a lesser version of kampmann, when they fought thats what stood out to me

  10. blanne07 Says:

    Semtex is a warrior people,he will smash his way to the top of the w/w pile in the ufc,xpect big things from this young man,if hardy dont do the job against gsp,im sure that this man will get the chance one day!!!

  11. salserodeorlando1 Says:

    Yea ur right it does speak for itself! by his performance we can tell that he’s afraid to strike just look at the first BJ penn fight! Bj just fuck him up on the first round! so wat does GSP do rely on his wrestling skills to win the fight! the dude is a chicken!

  12. charizard11z Says:

    he is actually fighting Dustin Hazelett now…. Condit pulled out recently due to injury

  13. Kagemusha08 Says:

    St Pierre has outstruck everyone he’s fought since the Serra fight except maybe Alves. Just because the man doesn’t go Wanderlei Silva on people doesn’t mean he’s afraid to strike. I’m not even a nuthugger of him but his performances in the cage speak for themselves.

  14. Kagemusha08 Says:

    Not the best. One of the best JJ guys, but there are guys at his level or even above it. Shields tends to stand out the most because, lets face it, he hasn’t fought top five competition at 170.
    In any case Condit got injured so Daley is fighting Hazlette. Dustin doesn’t have the best takedowns but his submission skills are insane.

  15. djbaker26 Says:

    paul daley wins this like he did in he last fight i say he will he josh koscheck next prob that how i see it or jon ftich if he win he next fight orrrrrrrrrr Thiago Alves lol

  16. silvathedon Says:

    Go on Paul ur gona smash Condit no worries mate !!!

  17. sfields425 Says:

    GSP has very good striking, he just doesn’t like to stand and bang with ppl anymore b/c he doesn’t like to get hit. He just takes everyone down now, b/c its the safest way for him to win a fight.

  18. thefightingclub1 Says:


  19. theiceman0700 Says:

    I’m not a chuck fan, I got this screen name from topgun lol

  20. lolll666 Says:

    @theiceman0700 says the guy named iceman… lol

  21. lolll666 Says:

    @dtanktdtank virtually anyone would get raped on the ground by shields… he’s got the best jiu-jitsu at WW.

  22. ll35uk Says:

    dtanktdtank, you are an unnecessary negative force.
    Stay your side, UK has it’s own camp.

  23. jjohnson218 Says:

    wtf are you talking about. for a striker paul daley did very well against sheilds. paul daley grappilng may not be the best but its far far far far off from being the worst

  24. blaney01 Says:

    lmao hardy know ground game?? wtf you clearly know fuck all about the outlaw,silly boy,hardy will knock GSP out!!

  25. jjohnson218 Says:

    gsp got no stand up

  26. Free UFC Bets Says:

    That was AMAZING!

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