Penn vs Condit Trailer

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25 Responses to “Penn vs Condit Trailer”

  1. Paralizowac Says:

    Condit destroy him

  2. TEB055808 Says:

    @voodoo9606 Yeah I think he fishish Condit if you wanna see a crazy BJ please talk shit about him lol he feeds off that the most. Look at Matt Huges, Diego, Kenny, Sean Edgar didnt talk shit at all lol

  3. voodoo9606 Says:

    @TEB055808 sure will, thats gonna be a hell of a fight. condit penn.. no doubt

  4. voodoo9606 Says:

    @TEB055808 sure will, thats gonna be a hell of a fight. condit penn.. no doubt

  5. kevo1295 Says:

    rooting for condit

  6. Oreillyisthebest Says:

    looks like everyones underestimating condit…we’ll see!

  7. TEB055808 Says:

    BJ will murder Condit it will be a tough fight but BJ has better stand up as in for the boxing. Condit never faced anyone with BJ’S boxing, BJ never been KO and hes been hit harder by guys that hit harder then condit. Condit still has a chance for a KO but it’s very unlikely. lol takein BJ down? thats really not going to happen lmao ground wise? BJ BIG TIME lol idk if condint wants to take him to the ground anyway lol. I think he just has better carido but thats about it lol

  8. Dbabbs100 Says:

    @LenchMob97 maybe that fight will happen after they both get folded!

  9. LenchMob97 Says:

    condit vs diaz would be sick

  10. lonelystoner016 Says:

    this is a much better match up thn bj fighting bj penn but i think its a tough fight for him carlos aint no joke. Hope bjs condition would better thn before or he will be in trouble in 3 round.

  11. 12iLovEuFc12 Says:

    @HaZeSnip3r your a punk u might not know who is Bj Penn and what things he can do

  12. HaZeSnip3r Says:

    @12iLovEuFc12 wow your a punk u might not know who is carlos condit
    war condit!!!

  13. jacklewis1231 Says:

    I hope bj wins i have nothing against condit but bj is one of my favourite fighters it will be fight of the year

  14. Fourtyb4five Says:

    bro your mma vids are so sick…way better than any of that shit zuffa produces.

    Penn by whatever he feels like doing that night.

  15. thekool713 Says:

    War condit!!!!!!!

  16. yeasayer Says:

    both awesome fighters but seems the next generation are slowly taking down the old greats one by one; could go either way but I’m going for Condit

  17. MrChuggernaut Says:

    Condit going to win this fight than he will fight GSP

  18. TakedownArmbar Says:

    this is gonna be an awesome fight! FOTY!

  19. JPuReTaLeNt Says:

    nice video man. i see condit taking this one in a good fight

  20. Dbabbs100 Says:

    BJ will win this fight hands down!!! Condit is tough for sure, but BJ is better every-where!!! This fight will steal the show from GSP and Diaz! Gonna be exciting!!!! BJ wins by RNC after a fight of the night performance by both fighters!!

  21. TheBulletnot Says:

    Your trailers are becoming just as good as Nicktheface trailers. You and Nicktheface are the best!!

  22. Larssszzzz Says:

    The one dislike was Jon Fitch.

  23. lonelystoner016 Says:

    This would be so much better than bj fighting fitch..they are both exciting fighters. like em both but i wanna see bj win.

  24. mistakevo Says:


  25. 12iLovEuFc12 Says:

    Bj Penn by murder

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