Ranked Match 2 ft. Jon Fitch vs. Carlos Condit (UFC Undisputed 2010) Sports

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28 Responses to “Ranked Match 2 ft. Jon Fitch vs. Carlos Condit (UFC Undisputed 2010) Sports”

  1. Cena121234 Says:

    @ShotgunDiplomat this isnt his account

  2. ShotgunDiplomat Says:

    He wasn’t strike spamming Blame. He was swinging for the fences and he landed like 3-4 good strikes on you and he was mixing his strikes up. Strike spamming is doing the same punch over and over. Kinda like what you do with your Gray Maynard uppercut, lol

  3. MyKunter Says:

    i downlaoded adblock plus for firefox i havnt had one ad

  4. gspbaby1 Says:

    add bigbluegoduke 35-8 on ps3

  5. cleanmind90 Says:

    LOL! at 3:00 looks like they’re dancing together

  6. Bobafetus Says:

    @g8le they both lay n pray. so yeah they are pretty much the same

  7. g8le Says:

    You obviously dont know what your talking about

  8. g8le Says:



  9. g8le Says:

    You obviously don’t watch it irl? 🙂 Gray Maynard is nothing like John Fuck irl anyhow..

  10. BTVinicius Says:

    i dont even get ads

  11. smilyhoo Says:


  12. smilyhoo Says:

    @newgarda why do we get ad’s

  13. dannnnny86 Says:

    could someone explain to me that fucking submission rotating shit??? my dog submits better than me

  14. hallokity123 Says:

    @matt294344 I agree

  15. thomasdamasta Says:

    @newgarda Do you use firefox? Did you install Ad Blocker Plus? If so… You’ll never get ads.

  16. crono916 Says:

    I’m not impressed by your performance. (GSP accent)

  17. ThePervertedAznNinja Says:

    @matt294344 no.

  18. matt294344 Says:

    Roy nelson would beat brock lesnar if they fought, fuck whoever disagrees with me

  19. MarcusFenix111 Says:

    Last time I checked monkeys have hair on their face so the “bearded” is probably unnecessary. I know its a stupid thing to point out but you know just a super saiyan. Anyways good video and keep up the good work.

  20. blackpuma000 Says:


  21. Kurd165 Says:


  22. Choolo Says:

    @adxgr0undzer0 Or just refresh the page.

  23. peterbenedictbullo Says:

    3:31 made my day 😀

  24. ricane98 Says:

    lol the only time i strike spam when i pick wanderlei silva and it usually works cause i knock or tko the people in like a 2 minutes or less.

  25. fuckshit485 Says:

    more ufc matches!

  26. finland fightclub Says:


  27. wrestling Says:

    Seen something like this in South Fayette

  28. NH martial Arts Says:

    Anderson Silva would kill this guy!

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