Rory MacDonald Eyes Revenge Against Carlos Condit

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25 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Eyes Revenge Against Carlos Condit”

  1. hunter white Says:

    yeah so do I and hes lying it was complete showboating

  2. DMTfan Says:

    I’m so sick of this he was dominating this or that bullshit – I saw the
    fight and Condit was infinitely more accurate in his hits – In this sport
    is not about “dominating” – it’s how good your hits are and how much damage
    they do – Rory got messed up and Condit didn’t have a scratch on him. That
    stoppage at 7 sec, would of happened at 5 or 4 or 3 anyhow – Rory was not
    defending very efficiently and that means the fight is over! You are biased
    if you say Rory was better then Condit…

  3. Dexter Haven Says:

    I heard BJ went to the hospital with broken ribs after, not sure if true.


    In EVERY mma video there’s ALWAYS an argument of two ppl who assume the
    fighters they root for will beat the other one LOL and then they start to
    assume they know mma better

  5. MrAznperson103 Says:

    To be fair Fedor had that mysterious Russian badass mystique going for him

  6. MrPhukYu Says:

    No – that’s just how the streets are. Are you 5 years old or just retarded?
    It’s life or death on the streets, no rules & no regulations & no refs & no
    judges… it is what it is. Sorry if you can’t accept reality, lil girl.

  7. LogicalThinker7991 Says:


  8. Linuxx Says:

    you get so mad too tough

  9. Beinggreatfull Says:

    either way i hope Condit finishes him

  10. Kiop222 Says:

    rory is great but hes not on pieres level

  11. Tactical Italian Says:

    Your gonna see a different Rory vs Condit this time. I can’t wait to see

  12. M baldy Says:

    “hahaha, okay scrub.” ? Fact is mate, Rory just looked like a tool doing
    the shuffle way out of range, deal with it buddy. It was an attempt at
    showboating and it failed. Now fuck off and watch some Ali highlights and
    see what I mean.

  13. Seb C. Says:


  14. zroguemin Says:

    whatever hes gata do to win

  15. MrPhukYu Says:

    Delusional? For simply speaking the truth? Okay, internet tough guy.

  16. Chrism455 Says:

    wow you are completely delusional. internet tough guy.

  17. Beinggreatfull Says:

    idk Carlos has practically finished every guy hes ever faced. he nearly
    finished GSP

  18. DMTfan Says:

    🙂 Fuck you man! I was being cocky – I knew Cain had real chances to beat
    JDS – all he needed was to be smart about it – Avoid JDS punches, be
    aggressive with the wrestling – that kind of shit – And he did, so kudos to
    him – HOWEVER! I really don’t see how this untalented nerd boy could EVER
    beat Condit… This is just impossible!

  19. SuperDelta000 Says:

    This guy is Canadian and Canadians have no personality.

  20. MrPhukYu Says:

    Bored. You mad?

  21. guyverrob Says:

    Probably the ugliest man to ever fight.

  22. Jackedboxer Says:

    on the streets with no rules he would kill you. knock you the fuck out then
    beat your unconcious body till you were dead. fucking internet gansta!

  23. xUngrateful Says:

    This motherfucker scares me

  24. Chrism455 Says:

    delusional for thinking you would even have a chance against Rory in any
    type of fight. saying you would kill him? yeah a street fight is much
    different from an mma fight but that doesn’t mean a pro fighter wouldn’t
    easily fuck up a street brawler in a street fight. Rory would kill you with
    one hand unless you brought a weapon or something. oh and tito ortiz didn’t
    get knocked out by some nobody he got knocked DOWN by Lee Murray at club
    know your facts before you speak you FUCKING DUMBASS haha.

  25. Furreal Doe Says:

    I’m glad Rory got into mma at such a young age who knows where he would’ve
    ended up with that mind of his. XD

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