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Georges St. Pierre thinking about comeback

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Ultimate Fighting President or UFC boss Dana White stunned the Mixed Martial Arts fan following in recent months when he announced that he doesn’t think former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will be returning to the Octagon. The man himself, however, does not share those opinions entirely.

Speaking to a news outlet from his native Quebec, where he has been spending his sabbatical, Rush said that White says he thinks he is sure that he will not be making a comeback, but that is entirely his opinion. GSP added that he trains and he keeps his body in shape. He mentioned that he has marks on his body because his body gets bruised easily and he is training quite hard. (more…)


Condit says he’ll Wait for St. Pierre

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit finds himself in a very precarious situation in the promotion at the moment. Although he has been tentatively scheduled to fight the UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre when he returns to the Octagon on the 17th of October, provided his knee heals in time; Condit constantly faces the ire of the fans who question why he doesn’t step into the ring against the likes of Johnny Hendricks or Martin Kampmann.

The main question that the fans are raising is that when a champion is out with an injury, the interim belt is awarded so that the title can be defended and when the champion makes his comeback, the fighter who holds the belt at that time fight with him to determine the undisputed champion of the division.

But Carlos Condit has defended himself, stating that the UFC hasn’t been in touch with him or his management regarding any other match, with Josh Koscheck or anyone else. According to the interim champion, the only meeting that has been held between the two parties was regarding the match against Georges St. Pierre on the 17th of November. And he admitted that this is a fight that he wants, even if he has to wait for it.

When asked what happens if the champion faces any setback during his rehabilitation process, Condit stated that he would still love a fight with him, but in such a scenario, he might just entertain the idea of stepping inside the ring against any other fighter that the UFC chooses.

And according to Carlos Condit, he is more interested in fighting against Martin Kampmann than Johnny Hendricks if he has to choose between the two, simply because he has had a stellar run as opposed to the four match winning streak of Hendricks.



Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Carlos Condit would like to fight Georges St-Pierre this calendar year, but if St-Pierre is unable to make their expected November date, Condit will face someone else in combat – probably with Martin Kampmann.

Condit has been inactive on the UFC circuit since the beginning of February, when he conquered Nick Diaz to be UFC interim welterweight champion. That spell on the sidelines is expected to continue until eventually November, when St-Pierre hopes to return to UFC after recovering from torn knee ligaments. Whilst he’s not been fighting, St-Pierre has been busy (and keeping himself fit) by launching his own exercise programs online.

Nonetheless, if to the Canadian experiences another setback, Condit has admitted he’ll give up his shot on the belt in favour of having another fight. In its place he will be open to other opponents, with Kampmann strongly tipped after his win against Jake Ellenberger.

The pair have faced each-other before, with Kampmann fighting Carlos in his first UFC battle way back in 2009. That time it was Kampmann who was victorious, but Condit has learnt all sorts of UFC tricks and strategies since then, and must be confident in his own abilities.

“If it seems Georges can’t come into the ring in November, most likely, I will battle another fighter,” Condit advised Inside MMA. “I really need to battle Georges so that I can unify the belts, but there’s a few other guys that I would like to battle also.

“Martin Kampmann’s the only dude that I have dropped to within the UFC, the only real guy I’ve lost to in about the previous six decades, so I’d definitely want to beat him.”


Carlos Condit Causing Welterweight Headache

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

UFC president Dana White’s decision to allow interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit to wait for Georges St-Pierre to return from injury without fighting in the meantime is a strange one. Not only does it not demonstrate consistency (Rashad Evans took a similar stance a few years ago that had ramifications for the heavyweight), but it also causes a real problem for the division.

Condit has already agreed to fight Johnny Hendrix after St. Pierre, meaning that Hendrix himself will not be fighting anytime soon. This has caused a bottleneck, with some of the top contenders choosing not to fight, the talent below has been forced into a difficult situation. Case in point is Jesse Ellenberger, whose six-fight winning streak was put to an end by the tough Dane Martin Kampmann at the weekend.

Many may argue that Ellenberger was well on the way to a title fight had things at the top of the roster had not come to a grinding halt. Indeed, he could have avoided the Kampmann fight and waited it out like Condit and Hendrix. He deserves great respect for staying active, but the only thanks he gets for it is a loss to his name and a bump down the rankings.



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