UFC 115: Carlos Condit Sees a Bit of Himself in Rory MacDonald

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28 Responses to “UFC 115: Carlos Condit Sees a Bit of Himself in Rory MacDonald”

  1. coolioisafoolio Says:

    Carlos is the man! I hope he does well in the UFC!

  2. kreed82 Says:

    @mS28811 I know u rep hard 4 him but u know he wasnt talkin about his fighting style he was countering daley accusation that he backed out of their fight by faking an injury

  3. kreed82 Says:

    @mS28811 if he was talkin about the way he fights he would have stated it he was ryin to refute daley’s claim that he ducked their fight by feigning an injury

  4. kev42o97 Says:

    @kreed82 What he is saying is that if anything he is to crazy in the ring, meaning he goes after it, he looks too finish guys. This makes sense if you saw Dan Hardy get Knocked out this past Saturday. Condit is a Beast!!!.

  5. mS28811 Says:

    @kreed82 He’s talking about the way he fights. He tends to fight people at their strengths and try to beat them at it. It makes for exciting fights but it’s not very smart strategically.

  6. flapjackshenry11 Says:

    ariel helwani should grow a beard

  7. cavemanosu Says:

    Ariel is a first-class reporter. His interviews are great. Well done!

  8. brabbit695 Says:

    that was a great fight..congrats condit..im sure they will have a rematch eventually..gonna be a crazy ass fight

  9. mario6sic6 Says:

    what he do to get kicked out?

  10. Debby82933 Says:

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  11. gygyghuhhyu Says:

    I have a feeling that liddell is going to win the next ppv all the old ones are free on sd4 d0t org

  12. gygyghuhhyu Says:

    I have a feeling that liddell is going to win the next ppv all the old ones are free on watchufcstream com just add a period

  13. kreed82 Says:

    @dauphinsuk I laughed at that bit too it just sounded so juvenile “if anything i’m too tough” really? who the hell talks like that..

  14. shogun1 Says:

    Im pulling for Rory but Condit is a cool dude.

  15. gizzmo11477 Says:

    only reason Condit has a loss in the ufc is because he is a 5 round finisher not a 3 round point getter.I hope he has made the udjustment for 3 round fights and Carlos will be champion again

  16. TGUNZ562 Says:

    Ariel Helwani>Elie Seckbach

  17. TGUNZ562 Says:

    @potyunbe “wec whore”, WTF does that mean? LMAO @ haters struggling for insults.

  18. undisputedgreatest Says:

    Condit would have beaten Daley’s ass.

    Who is actually that dumb enough to think he would back out of the fight? He’s tough…and crazy.

  19. UnderDog988 Says:

    @13charachters haha

  20. Srizzle Says:

    I havent seen Condit fight since WEC but this guy is a tough SOB!!!

  21. Demoniiiic Says:

    Carlos tko round 2

  22. XMMAFANX Says:

    Condit for the WIN! Guy is a beast.

  23. 45means45 Says:

    Only three of his 24 fights have gone to decision. Every other one was KO or Sub

  24. tehstylez Says:

    i put money on carlos, see him taking it either decision or tko.

  25. MaladaptiveCatalyst Says:

    balls to the cage…cause he’s “too tough”

  26. Lights Out Promotions Says:

    Lights Out Rock!

  27. West Michigan Mixed Martial Arts Says:

    West Michigan is where its at

  28. Kickboxing Says:

    Love it!

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