UFC 120: Dan Hardy knocked out by Carlos Condit

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26 Responses to “UFC 120: Dan Hardy knocked out by Carlos Condit”

  1. TheNaturalRush28 Says:

    dan hardy is a cool dude, but i honestly dont think he can hang with top level competition, he never really fought anyone good and when he did he lost, good luck to him but if he wants to win hes gna have to put in alot of work to his game

  2. Unlimited035 Says:

    @Optitius Dan promote his own fights, everybody will buy the ppv to see the cocky brit get knocked out (more money for dan)

  3. Fullmetal235 Says:

    I used to hate Dan Hardy, now I don’t.

  4. WiseSpirit18 Says:

    Well some fighters (Michael Bisping) never except that they lost fair and square. Atleast he was man enough to say that he lost, instead of crying around and bitching.

  5. Optitius Says:

    @WiseSpirit18 AFTER the fight, because he lost. rofl.. before the fight he was an ass

  6. FrederickVirus Says:

    Yo, tell Ronnie you got knocked the fuck out.

  7. theblackash Says:

    hardy is awesome i hope he gets another shot at the title at some stage.

  8. ricosuavable Says:

    @WiseSpirit18 YOU…YOU…YOU DABLE NIGG@R

  9. SpaceWars2025 Says:

    Hardy will never be a true champ cuz he wants fame and fortune.

  10. billyairdjnr Says:

    i was shocked as hardy has a good chin. but regardless if your hit on the button you go.

  11. TopazSkillMauler Says:

    @cravingmetal LOL dumb fucker.. where is it?? huh? fucking cunt

  12. cravingmetal Says:

    @TopazSkillMauler Yea you replied to yourself your stupid fuck. Man lay off the brits… You arrogant fucking cunt… Nobody likes you so get your virgin ass back to the gay bar and cram a couple of cocks in your mouth you fucking faggot.

  13. n1Traitor Says:

    dan hardy’s one of my favourite fighters even if hes had some losses

  14. Noraa666 Says:

    @nailedurmum01 Easy there limey;p

  15. nailedurmum01 Says:

    @TopazSkillMauler oh god,your fucking canadian….thats almost worse

  16. TopazSkillMauler Says:

    @nailedurmum01 Thank god I’m not american. Brits are gay.

  17. nailedurmum01 Says:

    @TopazSkillMauler aah ha ha!!!! america is like that kid at school that had all the expensive toys but didn’t realise that everyone thaught he was a prick!!! the rest of the whole world regards you as intellectualy backward!!!!

  18. ThePhezant Says:

    @TopazSkillMauler No, being too stupid to be able to reply on youtube properly makes YOU a douche 😛

  19. stabyourcat Says:

    @TopazSkillMauler And I suppose racism isn’t douchey?

  20. TopazSkillMauler Says:

    @shooter246123 He was never on top. His fight with GSP was huge mismatch. Hardy is overrated shit and hes a Brit. Which automatically makes him a douche.

  21. IveGotTheNuts Says:

    @skateordieguy1 I like condit but I just dotn seeing beating Alves , or Fitch not even Kampman. Hell get the shot after Shields but hes no way ready for GSP yet. MAybe in a year or two but not now.

  22. skateordieguy1 Says:

    carlos condit izzz friggin impressive!

  23. Saltwaterowl Says:

    and this guy took pierra to a decision lolololol

  24. thebrianel115 Says:

    @UFCtheiceman hell yeah Hardy Vs. Koscheck would be a great fight, it would be interesting to see how that one would go down!

  25. EweTubee Says:

    0:50 – the guy on the left is copping a blojob under the table

  26. Free UFC Bet Says:

    I think I would gamble on Anderson Silva beating this chump! Lol

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