UFC 120 – Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit (HD 720p)

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9 Responses to “UFC 120 – Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit (HD 720p)”

  1. TopazSkillMauler Says:

    you got me… LOL

  2. pieceofparadox Says:

    HAHAHHAA lol.

  3. kev42o97 Says:

    I bet Dan Hardy wished it would have went like this On Saturday, it was more like the other way around.

  4. 93dani Says:

    the lipsync SIMPLY SUX

  5. petrovik Says:


  6. nikdolov1 Says:

    танцоры-всё в обнимку..

  7. St Pierre George Says:

    What would St Pierre do to you?!

  8. Overeem Says:

    Overeem is the best!

  9. Cruz MMA Says:

    Dominic or Dominick?

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