UFC 120: Dan Hardy Wonders Whether There’s More to Carlos Condit’s Travel Issues

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28 Responses to “UFC 120: Dan Hardy Wonders Whether There’s More to Carlos Condit’s Travel Issues”

  1. Xredbeast Says:

    @DirtyNesty foool

  2. PalmCute Says:

    awesome hairstyle !

  3. 1englishbulldog Says:

    @Questionere lol shup mate,looks at me and shakes there head, what r u on, job on knob

  4. Questionere Says:

    @1englishbulldog Says the patriotic British fan-boy lmao You guys are so hilarious, the rest of the world looks at you and shakes their head.

  5. angelgat1 Says:

    you sure got the old Condit

  6. FuckinFirstRecon Says:

    trim your eyebrow dan bruv

  7. SmokeCheck4 Says:

    @Lrdvltr haah thats a good one i hopt Bisping loses i hate hear British trash talk sounds dumb

  8. Lrdvltr Says:

    @Mikeyc2k6 Bisping vs. Sonnen would be a trash talkers biggest dream.

  9. Lrdvltr Says:

    @DirtyNesty Well, he went to sleep.

  10. Bigmikey9inch Says:

    Anybody know where I can get the shirt Dan is wearing?I can’t find it on the tapout store online or ufc shop

  11. SupaFlyBoyZz699 Says:

    @1englishbulldog what ever dude if he talk shiet, i cant back it up, then he gabage n deserve no respect, with that being said i like hardy though even though he talk shiet, unlike bisping oh man i just hate him for no reason haha, i cant wait to see belfort ko him cold like hendo did

  12. SuperVirk1 Says:

    @willisthepedo69 Nick Diaz is the most exciting fighter

  13. Xxx311zzz Says:

    I bet he wishes carlos didnt get on the plane.

  14. wickedcusi Says:

    No Shoes or sneakers on the mats

  15. Camaroboys520 Says:

    you got knocked the fuck out!!! lol

  16. willisthepedo69 Says:

    @1englishbulldog chris lytle is the MOST exciting.

  17. itsfaith77 Says:

    if i could make my hair like his i would

  18. Mikeyc2k6 Says:

    Hardy vs Ortiz would be a trashtalker’s wet dream

  19. taylort123 Says:

    LOL I love the smirk Hardy gives when Ariel specifies to mentally disabled bit

  20. SirMicDre Says:

    @DirtyNesty ME TOO! right after he got KOed by Condit! I never saw a guy get laid out so professionally in my life!

  21. lawndogmoon Says:

    Ariel Helwani’s TESTICLES!!!

  22. tonywasin Says:

    the hair looks awesome, spewin he didnt win

  23. PattyCarnage91 Says:

    @Trollthegreatking Well, I dunno. I disagree about it not being luck. It was lucky it wasn’t reversed and that Dan didn’t land flush. That’s fighting. Sometimes you get caught. A flash knockout like that doesn’t indicate who was the better fighter…the fight was long enough for one or the other to be the dominant fighter. Dan just got caught. Happens to everyone eventually.

  24. 1englishbulldog Says:

    @JOBOB335 why dont u fuck off somewhere else, are u dumb most people in the u.k love hardy and only started watching it because of him u faggot, the ufc has become more popular because of people like hardy so FUCK YOURSELF!

  25. Trollthegreatking Says:

    @PattyCarnage91 No luck just Dan Hardy left his chin up in the air and got cliped Carlos was the better fighter that night. i like dan but he looked to cocky

  26. Georges St Pierre Says:

    What would St Pierre do to you?!

  27. Alistair Overeem Says:

    Thanks for that!

  28. Cruz MMA Says:

    Dominic or Dominick?

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