UFC 127: Chris Lytle Devastated When Carlos Condit Pulled Out of UFC 127

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26 Responses to “UFC 127: Chris Lytle Devastated When Carlos Condit Pulled Out of UFC 127”

  1. Frontboarder101 Says:

    @CHAIBOI21 haha i thought the same

  2. CHAIBOI21 Says:

    Why the hell did he let Mitrione coach his corner?!?! that’s probably why he lost!!

  3. juyce28 Says:

    Chris Lytle IS THE MAN repping Indiana to the fullest!!!! He’s NEVER in a dull fight, he’s a certified soldier, and i’ve been a Carlos Condit fan for a few years; so if those two ever get in the cage together…….. OOOOHHHH, it would go down!!!!

  4. LilBlitz116 Says:

    lytle is good but he had many fights and he has many losses in comparison 2 his wins.

  5. LilBlitz116 Says:

    carlos would have won

  6. SoulStar2332 Says:

    I was really excited for this fight; Don’t get it twisted Condit aint afraid of Lytle, but it will be a war, and though I think Carlos will win, I don’t think anyone who knows the fight game thinks it’s a sure thing. Lytle is a gamer, and he leaves it all in the cage. I just hope the UFC is smart enough to put this fight back together.

  7. beaconhillboy Says:

    The same Carlos Condit that went into the UK and knocked out Dan Hardy is afraid to fight Chris Lytle?! Bullshit. Condit would beat up Lytle.

  8. Inediblehulk Says:

    @sirjohnrambo Maybe, but as it turned out, it was still the Fight of the Night without Condit. So no huge blow to the card.

  9. realfreakaynaughtay Says:

    Lytle is an amazing man. Props.

  10. cathy27835 Says:

    UFC 127 is gonna be so awesome! I’ll say Penn by submission from the bottom! 😉

    It’s on Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011 at 10pm EST.

    I can’t wait to watch it live online here:

    Ly9 [dot] net/3/ufc127

  11. livestreamz8 Says:

    watching the live stream free realmp3s.info/stream/

  12. ojicreewarcry Says:

    too bad,that would have been a great matchup both talented and experienced.it was one of the fights i really wanted to see @ufc 127.

  13. karyazzie06 Says:

    the most entertaining fighter the ufc has!!!

  14. scrotumcboogerballs Says:

    Whoa guys, Lytle is good and on a nice winning streak, but he doesn’t by any means deserve a title shot until he can beat an elite WW (Alves, Koscheck, Penn, Fitch, Shields, ect). Lytle is a great fighter and I’m a big fan of his, but he isn’t even really close to a title shot right now.

  15. JRoc14NSL Says:

    @jackvr32 hell ya

  16. hoodfigga33 Says:

    @JRoc14NSL word, just thinking about that fight gives me goosebumps, hopefully lytle wins and condit recovers fast.

  17. djbeatkid Says:

    give Lytle a title shot

  18. jeffsst Says:

    give this fucking guy a title shot god dammit, who the fuck is ebersault? how is he gonna gain anything out of that fight.

  19. xTURDSANDWICHx Says:

    How can anyone not like Lytle?

  20. TheCrookHook Says:

    Brian who? lol Damnit! Lytle is a beast

  21. BoRay260 Says:

    @jackvr32 yea he does…….chris lytle vs nick diaz was a great display of his warrior spirit along with all of his fight…thats jus my first time ever seeing him fight

  22. AlcoholicSemenStain Says:

    @acdcfan016 In the same way my dick looks like your face…..

  23. acdcfan016 Says:

    lytle is a liddel look alike

  24. philmasta88 Says:

    Lytle would be up for FOTN even if he was against a grappling dummy. War Lytle!

  25. FightBlock Says:

    Condit going down is rough. Lytle deserves a contender!

  26. Maes Boxing Says:

    What does John Maes say about this?

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