UFC 143 – Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit – Prediction by John D. Villarreal the “MMA Expert”

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8 Responses to “UFC 143 – Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit – Prediction by John D. Villarreal the “MMA Expert””

  1. sonicanimalcrazy007 Says:

    The experience? Condit has fought better and tougher fighters. Personally i think if the fight goes the distance its Diaz all day, if it doesnt then Condit takes it. My moneys on Diaz, dont be scared homie!

  2. TexasNightmare512 Says:

    4th Round TKO or Sub for Nick Diaz

  3. TheThewarriorchamp Says:


  4. sonicliberation Says:

    @eccentricccc I agree dude 100%, even in terms of the round it might happen in as I have posted in many responses regarding this fight. Condit’s KO power in both hands and equal reach at 76 ” will force Diaz to move into range of power punches and kicks in order to connect using his pitter patter boxing style. I look for Condit who is a great finisher to end it early before Diaz’s superior cardio can become a deciding factor.

  5. craitdigga Says:

    Very very close fight. I’m rooting for Diaz though

  6. Desi9 Says:

    Nick is going to beat condit, bet that. If I recall did u pick bj over nick jdv?

  7. ConservativeNewMedia Says:

    @eccentricccc Condit can def win this fight bro, agreed! However, I think in the end the toughness and cardio of Diaz will win out. I think in many ways this comes down to Condit power vs. Diaz chin early with Diaz cardio & work rate taking over later.

  8. eccentricccc Says:

    I have seen Diaz and Condits last 3 fights and Diaz throws wild looping shots and good jabs when he has a reach adv. He doesn’t have that in this fight, we saw what happened to the last fighter with a good chin and cardio who threw looping punches against condit (DAN HARDY)

    CONDIT WINS KO 2nd Round

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